A reader writes Here is an idea I sent to K-Lo at NRO and thought you might find it interesting to consider.. Dear K-Lo, From one pro-life, conservative Catholic and a Republican to another I’ve had a neat idea (I know, like a gazillion other people) on how the President easily could box Sen. Kerry [Read More...]


Something for the Ultra-Paranoid Catholic to Freak out About They’re tunneling under your house! As our Lord said, “Be afraid, feel powerless, get angry, embrace disgust, and remember that peace, joy, love, and, above all, hope are for fools, pollyannas and suckers.” The formula for Faithful Conservative Catholic[TM] life among a disturbing number of the [Read More...]


Everything Every Cardinal Says about Anything is Ridiculous and Contemptible Similarly, Jesus was ridiculous when he opposed hunger too. And don’t get me started on James. Yet, nowhere in the New Testament is there a record of either of these two hypocrites actually *doing* what they tell others to do. So let’s all sneer when [Read More...]


I feel affirmed in my okayness! Reader Daniel Flynn has expanded on one of the Church’s main points concerning the effects of sin: i.e. that “concupiscence darkens the intellect” or, as I like to put it, “Sin Makes You Stupid”. He’s written an interesting and engaging new book called “Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart [Read More...]


Episcopal Spine Alert! [Read more...]


By the way, go check Amy’s blog …which has lots of cool links today. [Read more...]


I agree with Southern Appeal a) Jimmy Swaggart is a complete jerk. b) Andrew Sullivan reaches a new low in trying to paint everybody who disagrees with gay marriage as Jimmy Swaggart. By the way, I’m fond of Southern Appeal. Check ‘em out. [Read more...]


“And over there is the Planned Parenthood Clinic. They have free ‘I love abortion’ bibs!” [Read more...]


Tales of the Unexplained No mystery here. All perfectly explicable. [Read more...]


Uh huh The ghost of Nixon laughs. [Read more...]