Why People Like George Bush The Left’s portray of Bush as Evil Moronic Global Mastermind is such a self-contradictory fever dream, particularly compared with moments like this, that normal people come to the conclusion that the portrait of Bush offered by the Left is more like a Rhorschach blot than a painting: it tells you [Read More...]


Another Vatican Euroweenie Interjects with More Stoopid Unrealistic Pie in the Sky Rhetoric about “Blessed are the Peacemakers” Asks for avoidance of civilian death in Iraq. Can you imagine? Hey Cardinal! Ever heard the words “collateral damage”? What a maroon! Learn what warfare means! CAEI: Doing the work of the Blogosphere Combox Commentariat so others [Read More...]


US Finally Gets Around to Dimly Suggesting that Saudi Despotism and Fanaticism Might Have Something to Do with Radical Islamic Terror [Read more...]


The UN: Laboring to Kill the Unborn [Read more...]


Still More Hopeful Signs in Cyberspace of Muslims Trying to Fight the Evil in the Islamosphere [Read more...]


Attn Readers Can you help this guy? I don’t have any idea myself: My name is Randy Seals and I am a member of St. John the Evangelist cathedral in Boise, Idaho. I am helping out our priest, Fr. Henry Carmona, purchase and send some laptops with encyclopedia and word processing programs to a seminary [Read More...]


The UN: Guardian of the Children It takes a village to raise a brothel. [Read more...]


Mark Steyn Wants Us to See the Sunny Side of Iraq Meanwhile, the UK is scaling back troops there Republicans are Criticizing Bush Mistakes There And Steve Chapman Says Things are Going from Bad to Worse Therefore, says Robert Novak, the Bushies are fixing to beat feet and abandon the Iraqis to our successful foray [Read More...]


More Hopeful Signs from within Islam Also here. [Read more...]


At the fringes of science and religion Here’s Pravda doing a breathless treatment of levitation. It’s the sort of tabloid treatment bound to provoke jeers from skeptics, both materialist and religious (of a certain stripe). Materialists are bound to jeer because their religion demands that all paranormal claims be treated with contempt. Religionists of a [Read More...]