Good Morning! It’s Day 6 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week We’re in the Home Stretch of the Great Autumn Drive. You’ve done a phenomenal job so far and my dentist, exterminator, plumber, IRS collector, kids, Edmonds Community College, and mortgage really appreciate it–though not as much as I do. However, we [Read More...]

The Power of the Cross in Beslan Another Christ’s suffering servants bears witness to the paradoxical saving power of the Crucified. God bless her and cause her sufferings to be joined to Jesus’ for the salvation of the world (Colossians 1:24). [Read more...]

In the evening of our lives, we will be judged by love – St. John of the Cross The Parable of Rajni Fr. Bill Leaming At the time of the end – or perhaps the beginning – a crowd milled round the gates of the kingdom, discussing this and that. Every so oftensomeone would pass [Read More...]

The Culture of Contempt for Virginity Wants Your Children “Sex Manual” for 12 Year Old School Children has Nova Scotia Parents Riled Read the parental concern web page Read the document itself (PDF) Oh, and Andrews Sullivan, confident that most Americans have never heard the name “Svend Robinson” or of the fate of the Swedish [Read More...]

Abortion Top Issue for Catholics More bad news for John Kerry and the Magisterium of Pius XXIII. Also, a bit of curious news about the machinations in Denver. [Read more...]

The Democratic Party at Prayer Sure. Sure. Abortion. Yeah. Whatever. But the real point is that FDR was a Democrat and our loyalties are eternal. [Read more...]

Adieu to the Tricoastal Commission! Godspeed in all your endeavors! [Read more...]

Iranian Talk of Attack on America A prompt way of becoming the next Afghanistan. Jimmy Carter is no longer in the White House. [Read more...]

Fla SCOTUS Lets Nader on the Ballot The election should be so entertaining to watch when the Dems completely implode. I wonder if they will burn Nader in effigy or just send a mob with torches to his house? Maybe Alec Baldwin will urge the frothing crowd to kill him and his family. [Read more...]

Liberal Brownshirts on the March! CBS Supporter Tries to Silence Attention minions: CBS and CBS alone is to be your source of information. Variation from the Accepted Narrative will not be tolerated! [Read more...]