Iranian Talk of Attack on America A prompt way of becoming the next Afghanistan. Jimmy Carter is no longer in the White House. [Read more...]

Fla SCOTUS Lets Nader on the Ballot The election should be so entertaining to watch when the Dems completely implode. I wonder if they will burn Nader in effigy or just send a mob with torches to his house? Maybe Alec Baldwin will urge the frothing crowd to kill him and his family. [Read more...]

Liberal Brownshirts on the March! CBS Supporter Tries to Silence Attention minions: CBS and CBS alone is to be your source of information. Variation from the Accepted Narrative will not be tolerated! [Read more...]

Sky Captain the World of Tomorrow Rocked My World What a Gee Whiz Fun movie. With the coolest visuals, the dreamiest fantasy 1930s New York, the most comic booky plot, and the funnest Plucky Girl Reporter/Dashing Hero relationship. And oodles of little homages to everything from Orson Welle’s War of the Worlds, to Buck Rogers, [Read More...]

And don’t forget! It’s still Day 5 of the CAEI Pledge Drive! <— Paypal will happily transfer you donation to my bank account through the miracle of modern technology. And isn't that nice? Or, you can buy my books and tapes! Your choice. [Read more...]

Fascinating thread developing below Folks are contributing various stories of supernatural experiences (both remarkable and quiet) they have had. Feel free to add your own. That weird thing that happened to you that one time was not just you. You don’t have to feel like you’d better not talk about it lest everybody think you’re [Read More...]

Everything in LA is copacetic Cdl. Mahony says so. Not only is that strange noise of rattling skeletons in the closet just the wind of the Holy Spirit, but Rome needn’t have bothered to issue any instructions for cleaning up the liturgy While we all must constantly re-evaluate our liturgical practice and not allow it [Read More...]

I’m sure shoveling out the ovens at Auschwitz was a delicate job too The NY Times holds a scented handkerchief to its delicate, pinkish, and ever-so-refined nostrils to sweeten the stench of death it so eagerly advocates. [Read more...]

Abp Myers contradicts the cubicled USCCB chancery rats Certainly policies on welfare, national security, the war in Iraq, Social Security or taxes, taken singly or in any combination, do not provide a proportionate reason to vote for a pro-abortion candidate. It turns out gun locks, school lunches and even the Iraq war are not excuses [Read More...]

They’re All Howard Dean Now Lefties are so *fun* when they lose. [Read more...]