Drugs Cause Some People to Become Irrationally Violent I think these people deserve every nickel they can wring from these goons. [Read more...]


I’m flattered that people hang on my words… …but please recognize that I write this on the fly. So when I don’t correct something instantly it’s not cuz I’m deliberately ignoring it. It’s cuz I have more important things in life than the blog. Case in point, my jotting last Friday on the AP story [Read More...]


Judge Says Lawyers Can Question Mahony Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. [Read more...]


Catholic Doctors Protest Dutch “Nonconsensual Euthanasia of Children” My suggestion would be to begin by shortening those long words to short, sharp, easy-to-understand one like “Child Murder”. [Read more...]


Trying to explain theological nuances to an average American journalist is like trying to teach a cow to do needlepoint with her horns Abp. Burke makes the standard clarification about remote material cooperation and the press translates it into “You can vote for a pro-abort politician if you like.” [Read more...]


From our “What in Heaven’s Name Were They Thinking?” Dept. Kerry, by the way, is an intellectual and way smarter than that dumbell George W. Bush Therefore, the massive machine of his vast and far-seeing political intellect swung into action this past weekend, surveyed the American political landscape, and picked out one town where he [Read More...]


No matter how you slice it, this is not good news for Kerry …who is, by the way, toast. [Read more...]


Weird Al Attacked by Moths He was probably being punished for something wicked he did as a child. [Read more...]


Abp. Romero’s memory gets some justice at last [Read more...]


Rome: Damned is she does and damned if she don’t Rome’s big problem is that they are constantly changing the Church’s teaching. Of course, Rome’s other big problem is that they refuse to change the Church’s teaching. [Read more...]