Remember Ronald Reagan and the Decade of Greed? Back in the day, the Evil Party wrung its hands about Reagan’s love of rich people and his disregard of the weakest members of society. Used to be a believable Dem mantra hailing from the party’s roots as the party of the immigrant and the worker. These [Read More...]

Great News! The power of the blog (and email) and the grace of God save a life! Geri writes back about the Down Syndrome baby that was threatened with abortion. So far we’ve been inundated with over 600+ e-mails from loving families willing to adopt this baby. Mom has decided not to abort, and has [Read More...]

Evil Rich Guy Threatens to Sue Mealy-Mouthed and Boring Rich Guy [Read more...]

Interesting New Book on Intelligent Design Theory I suspect, in the end, it’s going to be very hard to distinguish between design and chance at the divine level. Consider, for instance, the death of Ahab in 1 Kings 22. A prophet clearly foretells that he will be killed as an act of divine judgement. Ahab, [Read More...]

From Our “Grist for Radical Islamic ‘Reasons to Hate America’ Agitprop” File Oprah does puff piece on sex change operations for children. Remember: all the lovely ordinary people in your parish, church and synagogue don’t have TV shows and are not shown on TV worldwide. The regular people you work with are complete unknowns. Oprah [Read More...]

The Poor Girl I really do feel pity for Britney Spears. The poor thing is Catholic this week. Let’s hope it sticks. I hope she’s able to develop the inner oomph to extricate herself from the Corporate Fame Machine and find real grounding in God and some peace. [Read more...]

Kerry Loses Touch with the Present For as brilliant as Kerry is supposed to be, he sure doesn’t get it. This election is not about Vietnam. It’s about 9/11. The only thing Kerry has had to say for the past year is “I’m a War Hero”. His supporters stupidly invoked the Iron Law of Political [Read More...]

Get Well, Bill Clinton I dislike Bill Clinton a great deal. But unlike Ted Rall, I think it evil to rejoice over or wish for somebody’s death. It’s a pity that the political climate in the US is such that anybody could be happy over Clinton’s heart attack or Reagan’s death, but such are the [Read More...]

A reader writes: I thought you’d find it interesting to know that Hamilton County prosecutor Mike Allen, the man who relentlessly pursued the Archdiocese of Cincinnati until it plead no contest to criminal charges arising from the Scandal, has received his come-uppance. Allen, who once thuggishly threatened the diocese by saying “we can do this [Read More...]

A reader complains Once again, Mark takes the just war teaching and picks out the parts of it that are useful and disregards portions he disagrees with. As I’ve said here before, to follow the fullness of just war doctrine requires humility and faith in the elected officials. The evaluation of these conditions for moral [Read More...]