A withering rejoinder to Garrison Keillor’s partisan grapeshot [Read more...]


Msgr Lorenzo Albacete is absolutely right The human vocation to the Infinite had been effectively suppressed by modern criticism and, instead of disappearing, it had struck back with a deadly force. The proper response, I suggested, was not further suppression of the religious instinct, but its adequate education by insistence on the requirements of reason [Read More...]


Deepest Condolences to My Orthodox Readers Four of the eight Orthodox bishops of Africa were killed on 9/11/04 in a helicopter crash. May Perpetual Light shine upon them through Christ our Lord. [Read more...]


Jesuits, again [Read more...]


Heated remarks on Dom Bettinelli’s blog… …but I think RC carries the argument. [Read more...]


Kerry Wrong for Catholics A Stupid Party site makes the case for why Catholics can’t vote for Kerry. Okey doke. Fine. I agree. I don’t see how any thinking Catholic could vote fore Kerry. But of course, one must keep in mind the Stupid Party has some of its own issues with the Faith as [Read More...]


Biking This past week, the two little guys learned–with amazing suddenness–how to ride bikes. A week ago Friday I’m running alongside them and holding them up cuz they are falling off their bikes. Then, literally in the space of about 10 minutes, something clicked in their heads and bodies and they had the whole “balancing [Read More...]


Arafat the Butcher What mystifies me is why Israel keeps a butcher like him around. My best guess is that (chilling thought) he’s about the best the Palestinians have in the rulership department and the Israelis are afraid of the Palis getting a *real* butcher in charge if they take him out. [Read more...]


Deranged Man Claiming to Be Former Vice President Disrupts Meeting The picture has “Somebody, call Security quick!” all over it. [Read more...]


Christopher Blosser sends along the following commentary from (I’m guessing) George Weigel: Catholics should try to help Islamic religious leaders, scholars, and lawyers develop an Islamic case for the acceptance of pluralism, for a commitment to the method of persuasion in politics, and for the other basic elements of what we call “civil society.” The [Read More...]