The Latest StrongBad email is up! Don’t forget to look for the Easter Eggs when it’s over. [Read more...]

He has cast down the mighty in their arrogance and lifted up the meek and lowly Well, I don’t know how well “meek” applies to the denizens of the blogosphere, but something deep within me longs to shout for joy as the Davids of the blogosphere bring low their first Goliath. [Read more...]

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Archdiocese of Chicago to be consecrated to Mary [Read more...]

The Kerry Affair: What Ratzinger Wanted from the American Bishops Fascinating tale of American subterfuge, spinelessness, and confusion. The good news about the Catholic Church: It’s like a big family. The bad news about the Catholic Church: It’s like a big family. [Read more...]

Pope Tries to Talk Sense to Bishops of the Great Teenage Church We’ll see if anything gets through. [Read more...]

Muslim Coalition Against Terror More like these people please. And please, Christians, stop the silly complaint that “They only say this because terrorist make Islam look bad.” Duh. And oddly, serious Catholics are passionate about getting rid of pervy priests because they distort the message of the Catholic faith. Frankly, I’m not interested in their [Read More...]

It’s Worse than You Think I know. Flypaper Strategy. Everything’s going according to plan. We’ve got it covered. [Read more...]

All this spells… H-i-l-l-a-r-y–’-0-8-! [Read more...]

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