From our “It’s the Culture Stupid” files Catholic clergy revealed to be paragons of righteousness compared to the general population of Massachusetts. No. That is not to say abominations have not been committed and covered up by clergy. It is to say that such things do not happen in a vacuum. We would prefer to [Read More...]

“Why, then, did CBS News draw a broad general conclusion from a tightly focused legal document? Why did the network fail to distinguish between the ecclesiastical crime of solicitation and the public offense of pedophilia? The questions are worth pondering.” Just a wild guess, but could it possibly be because the function of network news [Read More...]

A reader just sent along a review of one of Phillip Pullman’s books with a great closing paragraph I’m not afraid that Pullman’s work is going to supplant Narnia anytime in the near future. And I don’t think it will cause much harm in any circles where it does catch on. Any parent insane enough [Read More...]

James Lileks: America’s Greatest Living Writer Perhaps I the only one who winced at this: “God has once again brought an Easter out of Good Friday.’ said Rev. Gene Robinson after his election as the first openly gay bishop. Good heavens, man, why don’t you just do the full James Cameron: hop up on the [Read More...]

James Watson: Dispassionate Man of Rational Truth in a Neat White Lab Coat Someday, somebody will write the history of how agenda-driven scientist are (just like everybody else) and make clear that science (like every other human enterprise) is not simply and solely driven by “the facts” but is steered, sometimes very powerfully, by the [Read More...]

More Resources for Troubled Episcopalians [Read more...]

A reader writes: I’ve been making my rounds through blogdom today, and many folks have observed that the issue at stake in the ECUSA situation has less to do with homosexuality than with chastity. I agree. With that in mind, I hope you will remember in your prayers (and perhaps ask your readers to do [Read More...]

Agenda Items for the Church: First, clean up the pattern of lies and self-protective coverup that has done so much harm to so many people. Second, build up antibodies to the Assyrian media so that they do not have free rein to use the Scandal as a cover for every damn fool lie about Catholics [Read More...]

You are not of Landru! You are not of the Body! Guards! Seize them! Voice of the Fuddled tries to figure out how to be “inclusive” while muzzling incorrect opinions. [Read more...]

Why bother with network news when there are blogs? [Read more...]

Muslim Attempts to Think. Draws Fire for this Dangerous Act from Typical Islamic Despotism [Read more...]

Dr. Kendall Harmon, Sensible Episcopalian, to the Revolutionaries Just Before They Passed the Enabling Act and Voted Themselves Sweeping Dictatorial Powers to Eradicate Further Vestiges of Apostolic Faith from the Episcopal Communion [Read more...]