Christopher Blosser sends along the following commentary from (I’m guessing) George Weigel: Catholics should try to help Islamic religious leaders, scholars, and lawyers develop an Islamic case for the acceptance of pluralism, for a commitment to the method of persuasion in politics, and for the other basic elements of what we call “civil society.” The [Read More...]

The Catholic Counter-Insurgency Continues on Campus …courtesy of the rising generation, of course! Part of the Great JPII Ticking Timebomb of Renewal. Bad news for moaners and groaners, but good news for the gospel. [Read more...]

“Take pictures – show the world the American democracy.” The thing is, these words were spoken by some J. Random Iraqi, not by some professional imported Bronze Age nutjob. We were assured of WMDs. We were assured of undying love and flowers from a grateful Iraqi populace. And if I point out that these things [Read More...]

David Morrison is a True Disciple of Christ I am honored to know him. [Read more...]

Contrary to the dogmatic pronouncements of various comment box denizens who have watched a great deal of television and who Know All About Islam, some uppity people who have actually looked at the matter and utilized information besides “What Other Combox People Say” are arguing that there is, in fact, an enormous amount of soul-searching [Read More...]

Holy City, Batman! The Spectator is Quoting Me! Someday, our little town will be a site of plgrimage as thousands arrive on foot for a glimpse of the Sacred Rug of the Visitation of St. Mark Shea. No. Really. [Read more...]

By the way, It’s Day 1 of the Quarterly Catholic and Enjoying It! Pledge Week If you like what you read here, please help keep an emphatically lower middle class writer solvent so he can keep bringing you the weird combination of offbeat humor, theological ramblings, ecclesial and civil politics, and various cultural ephemera that [Read More...]

The Latest StrongBad email is up! Don’t forget to look for the Easter Eggs when it’s over. [Read more...]

He has cast down the mighty in their arrogance and lifted up the meek and lowly Well, I don’t know how well “meek” applies to the denizens of the blogosphere, but something deep within me longs to shout for joy as the Davids of the blogosphere bring low their first Goliath. [Read more...]

Fr. George Rutler cracks me up! [Read more...]