Something to Drive Rad Trads Nuts The whole “pro multis” controversy strikes me as just as colossal a semantic non-issue as “justification by faith alone”. I know. I know. I’m supposed to care passionately about this bit of pointless semantic obsession. But I just don’t. Never have. Never will. It’s one of the weirdest tempests [Read More...]

So Why Would Somebody Drive with a Veil on? [Read more...]

Steeeeerike Three! Keyes makes a complete fool of himself and loses me. A pity. He’s a bright guy, but he seems to have no common sense. [Read more...]

Radical Islamic Terror: Sanitized for your protection [Read more...]

From our Mr. Quixote Goes to Washington Dept. “This is far from an impossible dream.” Uh huh. Um, even if it were possible, what serious person would dream of it? [Read more...]

Yet Another Bleat of Condemnation of the Islamic Nutjobs from Within Islam More, please. [Read more...]

Interesting Interview with the Invaluable Nancy Pearcey [Read more...]

Dawn Eden does the dumpster diving so you don’t have to Planned Parenthood: Giving Al-Quaeda a run for its money in the Race for Most Evil Organization on the Planet. Once again: the Islamosphere doesn’t see you or those nice people you work, pray, and play with. Planned Parenthood is one of the main faces [Read More...]

Wall Street Journal: Kerry is Toast Future political analysts will wonder how this cold, charmless, gormless man ever became the nominee of a major party. [Read more...]

Stephen Fry on P.G. Wodehouse Always best to hear about a great author from somebody who loves him. Fry fits the bill. Also, who knew that George Orwell once penned a defense of Wodehouse? Douglas Adams once argued the Wodehouse was a greater writer than Shakespeare if memory serves. I don’t know that I’d go [Read More...]