Plucky Anglican Rebel Alliance Meets on Ice Planet Hoth How long before Darth Griswold sends in the Episcopal Walkers to crush the rebellion? [Read more...]

JPII to Canada: Gay Marriage is am Elaborate Game of “Let’s Pretend” The reason sin makes you stupid is because you immerse yourself in a fantasy world. Enshrining (as we are doing) two sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance as “fundamental human rights” is as great a folly as defining Pi to equal [Read More...]

Martino Calls War on Terror “World War IV” The Cold War was apparently WWIII and nobody even told me. [Read more...]

Garrison Keillor Vents His Spleen I have a soft spot for Keillor who has, in the past, been one of the few committed Dems capable of saying something generous to people he obviously despises. He can still, as this piece makes plain, write a fierce polemic in the style of Mark Twain, but I’m willing [Read More...]

Napoleon Dynamite Go see it. Very funny (and not a little painful for those of us who were not at the top of the high school dogpile). By the way, wait till the credits are alllllll the way over, there’s a fun Easter egg after they finish. Very nice performance by Jon Heder, who incarnate [Read More...]

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