Every knee shall bow Several threads have converged in my mind as the discussion has gone on the last day or so. Somebody made the remark that Islam had never contributed anything good to the world. Meanwhile, Dawn Eden, in noting the sanitizing of the NY Times to change “Allah” to “God” had remarked: This [Read More...]


O Beautiful for Globocops that Po-lice All the World! [Read more...]


How Political Operators View Tragedy “This Russian school business works for the Republicans,” a Democrat griped to me over the weekend. [Read more...]


About the Garrison Keillor thread yesterday Tom of Disputations pretty much summed up my own take on Keillor’s screed yesterday in reply to my question, “What is the good that he sees and is fighting for that we would do well not to ignore?” He wrote: The good that Keillor sees and is fighting for? [Read More...]


Everybody loves P.G. Wodehouse By the way, howdy to all the NRO folk who came here yesterday and thanks muchly to Ramesh for the link! [Read more...]


A reader writes My name is Chris Christensen, and I am one of the Co-presidents of the Association of Students at Catholic Colleges (ASCC). ASCC is ready to release its newest project, Faith Essentials for the Catholic College Student, a free(!!), monthly online publication aimed at Catholic college students. The purpose of my email is [Read More...]


More Satisfying Bleats of Protest from Within Islam “The propagandists of Jihad succeeded in the span of a few years in distorting the image of Islam, while the enemies of Islam did not succeed in doing this [even] in the course of hundreds of years. They turned today’s Islam into something having to do with [Read More...]


A reader writes The 35th anniversary program of the New York C. S. Lewis Society will be held at 2 pm on October 16th at Fordham/Lincoln Center (113 West 60th Street, 12th floor lounge) with special lecturer Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., speaking on “C.S. Lewis and the Case for Apologetics.” The lecture is being held [Read More...]


Hollywood to Do its Bit to Make Illiterate and Historically Ignorant People Stupider and More Enslaved Still Liam Neeson to star as Alfred Kinsey. [Read more...]


Things are not going well in Iraq [Read more...]