A reader complains Once again, Mark takes the just war teaching and picks out the parts of it that are useful and disregards portions he disagrees with. As I’ve said here before, to follow the fullness of just war doctrine requires humility and faith in the elected officials. The evaluation of these conditions for moral [Read More...]


Dear God So horrible. May God have mercy on the hostages and, most especially, on their murderers. Lead all souls to heaven, Lord. Especially those most in need of thy mercy. Grant comfort and strength also to the families of those killed and wounded. And grant us respite from the scourge of Radical Islam. Deliver [Read More...]


It’s been brought to my attention… …that I never offered a link to The Passion of the Christ so that y’all could buy it (and I could reap Amazon referral fees in the process). Consider that overlook now remedied. [Read more...]


Blue States Breed Themselves out of Existence See the piece on the “Roe Effect”. [Read more...]


Welcome to the World, Helen Teresa Curp, 9 lb., 15 oz! Babies are God’s way of saying the world should continue. [Read more...]


Zell Miller’s Speech I think the reason Sullivan hated it so much was because it was so effective. Miller basically articulated what everybody knows: that the Left, trying to look “tough on defense” is reminiscent of Nixon trying to disco, Dole trying to do hip hop or Paris Hilton trying to look at home on [Read More...]


Meow! Feel the love! She means me, of course, but she’s far too much a Christian to just come out and say that. The post that sparked NOR’s wrath at me was this defense of Scott Hahn from the absurd bayonets that NOR seems to want to jab at him for the crime of doing [Read More...]


For all Those Who Somehow Derived “Bush=Hitler” from my Chuckles at the Absurd Bush Painting The painting (movingly titled “Lenin and Dirigibles”) also somehow reminds me of LoBaido’s ugly totalitarian art. Soviet art never had the Romantic sheen of Wagnerian sentimentality that Nazi art did, though. Nazi art looked like it was made for hanging [Read More...]


stupidvideos.com A veritable cornucopia of visuals worthy of Dr. Demento. Click on the Alphabetical listings and scroll down to “Bilbo Baggins”. Leonard Nimoy at his very grooviest. You will be enriched and renewed. [Read more...]


Trying to make a point with a joke that misfired Down below, I linked to one of the many manifestations of the profound disease in our culture. In this case, it happened to be “Pimp and Ho” Halloween costumes for children–costumes that are, it should be noted, *sold out* because a great many parents thought [Read More...]