Deep thought A reader asks: If you get drunk in the southern hemisphere, does the room spin counter clockwise? Not if you’re Robert Sungenis. [Read more...]

The Invaluable LarkNews is up for this month! Youth groups recruit ‘superstar’ kids Millionaire show tests pastors’ loyalties Family’s boycott extends to everything Pastor breeds inbox irritation Plus Prayer Request Line and more … [Read more...]

Clerks like this need to just post a sign at the door saying “Robbers Welcome.” [Read more...]

Catholic Free Marketeers Offer Policy Recommendations Seems reasonable to me as long as calls for subsidiarity don’t become a mask on a commitment to individualism that trumps the good of the family and the common good. Libertarianism, like the GOP and Liberalism, can become the god that is idolatrously adored more than the God of [Read More...]

Fr. Rob has the latest on Judge “Kill the Weak” Greer’s re-election and all the various Schiavo maneuverings [Read more...]

But David Frum suggested only Jewish Conspiracy Theorist kooks would give this a second thought Why even bother with the investigation? It is unthinkable that Israel would act like any other nation-state. We should drop the whole matter now rather than find out what’s going on. [Read more...]

My Latest on Catholic Exchange A reprint of my Lord of the Rings Source-Criticism silliness. [Read more...]

Show me a culture that despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that despises children Where are terrorists when you need them? [Read more...]

Keep alive the memory of the age that is gone… …so that people will remember the Great Danger. [Read more...]

I Suspect this was Photoshopped But if it’s real, I fully expect somebody to come out a dinosaur-crushing asteroid labeled “God is my Rock” (or “Petros” for all the Traditionalist Evolution Haters in the Catholic fold”). Pretty soon you won’t be able to see out the back window of the car, what with all the [Read More...]