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By the way… as the other half, or third, or tenth, or nth of the CAEI/NQCBSEI gerrymander, I have a few priviliges (and only a few). One of them being I know what Mark’s big projects were. But I’ll take the secret with me to the grave! (Well, that, or until Mark unveils them himself.) [Read More...]


Another poor reader… tumbles into my inept hands. Here, you take him! I had always understood that it is a sin to vote for a pro-abortion candidate, such as Kerry, especially when the other candidate is much more in line with the pro-life view. Recently, however, I read that it is not a sin to [Read More...]


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A reader asks Mark a question… and is left with this Bougis Blogger. Maybe you can answer this one for me. A lot of the talk about denying pro-choice politicos like Kerry communion has got me thinking about something else. Kerry has gotten divorced and re-married. Now I’m not sure if his first marriage was [Read More...]


Sudan Under the Lens How does Sudan fit into the global war on terrorism? Does the United States have a strategic, as well as a moral, interest in the crisis in Darfur? What practical steps should the Bush administration take to stop the catastrophe there? What interests, principles, and strategy should guide U.S. policy toward [Read More...]


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Nuns’ Group Won’t Listen to Abuse Victims at Conference It’s easy to get all fired up and angry about such ostensible intransigent clericalism, but I think we need to know more about this situation. I’m not defending the religious here, I am simply acknowledging the fact that the plaintiffs may have genuinely picked the wrong [Read More...]


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