Reader Chris Burgwald writes: As you know, I’m the Director of Adult Faith Formation in the Diocese of Sioux Falls, and one of our programs is Theology on Tap. Last Friday, I invited Bishop Robert Carlson to speak on “Faith and Politics”. He gave an outstanding presentation of about 40 minutes, and then answered some [Read More...]

The Good News: There are 750 Courageous Priests in England and Wales The Bad News: There are 5,189 Priests in England and Wales. [Read more...]

The Awesome Power of the Presidency “Mr. Liddy, here is your nail file. Our people have arranged access to Ms. Jackson’s wardrobe room. See to it that that clasp’s structural integrity is compromised so that her costume explodes on the air, revealing All. Our special commandos at the FCC will take care of the rest. [Read More...]

‘Brevissimae bracae’ is Latin for hotpants The Vatican gets down wid its bad self. This piece is a must read. [Read more...]

Fortunately it was just a Catholic priest who was stabbed to death, so it’s okay. If anything, it’s westerners who impose their values on Kali worshippers who are the *real* danger. I hope that priest felt ashamed of himself for forcing those poor Hindus to slaughter him. I don’t believe in disgust, but for Christians, [Read More...]

This never happens to homeschooled kids [Read more...]

Reader John C. Wright has a new book out The Last Guardian of Everness. Wright’s a good egg! If you like science fiction and fantasy, check him out. [Read more...]

When Journalists Describe Somebody as “Controversial” This Can Usually be Taken to Mean They are Evil, but that the Evil They Do Is “Progressive” Evil Case in point. [Read more...]

New Blog! [Read more...]

I think I see where Fr. Rob and I Goofed Up in Marketing the France Pilgrimage We didn’t tap into the Stupid Market. [Read more...]