More People in Need of Insensitivity Training Cross patterns! They’re everywhere! Can’t. Rest. Till. Every. Perpendicular. in World. Abolished! [Read more...]

Eat at Zork’s! Eat at Zork’s! Eat at Zork’s! Okay. I’m the first to have his imagination inflamed by this story, which would be epochal and dwarf everything else in the news. If it turns out that this is the first hard evidence of non-human (and non-angelic) created intelligence in the universe, then it’s a [Read More...]

Have I Mentioned We Homeschool? [Read more...]

Ceili Rain has a new album out! The happiest, most life-ful band out there. [Read more...]

The Republican Party remains firmly on the side of the pro-life and religiously motivated social conservatives. But here this week the party began in earnest the task of making others not only more comfortable within the party, but eligible to rank among its leaders. Translation: The Stupid Party is once again positioning itself to become [Read More...]

Deep thought A reader asks: If you get drunk in the southern hemisphere, does the room spin counter clockwise? Not if you’re Robert Sungenis. [Read more...]

The Invaluable LarkNews is up for this month! Youth groups recruit ‘superstar’ kids Millionaire show tests pastors’ loyalties Family’s boycott extends to everything Pastor breeds inbox irritation Plus Prayer Request Line and more … [Read more...]

Clerks like this need to just post a sign at the door saying “Robbers Welcome.” [Read more...]

Catholic Free Marketeers Offer Policy Recommendations Seems reasonable to me as long as calls for subsidiarity don’t become a mask on a commitment to individualism that trumps the good of the family and the common good. Libertarianism, like the GOP and Liberalism, can become the god that is idolatrously adored more than the God of [Read More...]

Fr. Rob has the latest on Judge “Kill the Weak” Greer’s re-election and all the various Schiavo maneuverings [Read more...]