Falling flat An interesting essay about the myth of flat-earth Medieval cosmology. (Props to whomever I pilfered this from…you know who you are. ebb) [Read more...]


What a crappy view ebb [Read more...]


Elliot here I’ve added a few clarifications to my “coming out” mega-post from yesterday. A mere sampling: “First, I said “the Eucharist actually saves the world,” and that is true. But just to be more exact, let me rephrase myself: “BY MEANS OF the Eucharist God the Father in Christ by the Holy Spirit saves [Read More...]


Dawn Eden Looks At Planned Parenthood’s Latest Attempt to Destroy Childhood Poor J.K. Rowling. She must have every kook and ideologue in the world trying to badger her with demands and accusations. [Read more...]


Hippocratic Oath a Casualty of War More good things emerge from our adventure in Iraq. Next up: Getting in touch with the Inner Taliban as Iranian Mullahs broker peace for Iraqis and Yankees at loggerheads. [Read more...]


Urgent Help Needed A reader writes: Hello, everyone! I’ve been speaking to an unmarried woman in her mid-30s, in her fourth month with a Downs Syndrome Baby. She has an aborton scheduled. She has relented, and given us a few days to see if there is a family out there who wants to adopt her [Read More...]


Fr. Rob has more info on Terri Schiavo and the Forces of Evil Leagued Against Her–Including, Alas, “Catholic” Moral Pygmies Who Are Happily Sucking Up to Moloch [Read more...]


More Evidence Kerry is Toast Elites… well, don’t *love* him (nobody *loves* Kerry), but they at least support him in their intense loathing of Bush. And since elites control the mechanisms of mainstream media, which are very loud, it creates the illusion that Kerry has serious support. But the reality is told with the Big [Read More...]


Christian Heritage – August 30 – Never Consider Hurting Your Enemy Augustine Day by Day – August 30 – Every Moment You Are Passing On (As a flippant aside, I saw *Monsters, Inc.* tonight. I’ve wanted to see it for years and was totally satisfied with it. I nearly died in an eruption of guffaws [Read More...]


Right Wingers Adopt Leftist Brownshirt Tactics It’s different when Right Wingers want to crush free speech and create a police state environment of informers and rats in a house of worship. When the Left does that, it’s bad. But Our Side will use the Ring to do good. Good thinking guys. Become the Enemy to [Read More...]