Andrew Greeley: “At Least Clinton’s Lies Didn’t Kill Anyone.” Fr. Greeley, in his dotage, apparently has forgotten the words “safe, legal, and rare.” [Read more...]

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From our Dog Bites Man Dept. It Turns out the Godless Party is the Godless Party [Read more...]

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CAEI Reader John Farrell now has his production of Richard II out on DVD! [Read more...]

I think it’s futile to even *try* to resist this analogy The doubly unfortunate part of this klunky illustration is that it comes very close to what Gene Roddenberry actually thought of religion. (“You are not One with the Body. You will be Absorbed. Landru will guide us.”) [Read more...]

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Man in Tiny Rowboat at Sea During Hurricane Warns that Continents are Sinking Mario Dirksen: Smarter than the Holy Spirit [Read more...]

Rod Dreher and Dale Price on Conservative Catholics who prize Conservatism above Catholic social teaching. Generally this is accomplished by adopting a Minimum Daily Adult Requirement approach to the Church’s teaching (“How much do I *have* to submit to as dogma? I can ignore the rest, right?”) It’s kind of like a woman asking, on [Read More...]

Shea here. Just blogging some stuff that’s piled up in the mail during my hiatus First things first: Welcome Elliot! Cool news about the RCIA beginning! And thanks for doing the tour of duty on this hyear blog. I’ll be back in the saddle full time on Wednesday! [Read more...]