The power of kitsch compels you! The power of kitsch compels you! *The Exorcist* was a truly spiritual film, a popular apologetic for the supernatural. This scintillating adaptation hits all the high points of the classic’s ghoulish vision. Unfortunately, it looks like its prequel sequel whatchamacallit needs a good exorcising (and better filmmaking, to boot). [Read more...]

More Chancery Chicanery Diocese of Cleveland ex-CFO [accused of accepting more than $750,000 from an accounting firm he had hired to work for the diocese] to get Same Job with Diocese of Columbus. [Read more...]

Speaking of Fr. Greeley… Speaking of Fr. Greeley again… [Read more...]

About the best a post-Christian world can do, I suppose This interview would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. Mitchell’s chief moral axiom: “As long as it’s not porn, it must be sacred. Right? Right!?” Mitchell’s ancillary axioms: “Sex is for marriage so let’s make a movie full of sex outside of marriage. Er, [Read More...]

Greeley has fit of moral righteousness over pervasive greed His Sheafulness had this to say from his remote North Pacific island resort: Duly noted. Greed is a deadly sin. Was it really necessary to do the sotto voce “Lust isn’t that big a deal” subtext in a country that sacrifices 1.5 million babies to it [Read More...]

Well, it’s me babe, yeah yeah yeah, it’s meeeee Minnesota town reluctanly immortalizes (and profits from) scrawny singing kid that made it big. (APB for all music fans: Is it valid to call Bob Dylan the proto-Beck? The lyrics, the look, the eclectic sound, the non-mainstream appeal, etc.) [Read more...]

Bigger than Google’s IPO, bolder than Windows’ latest release… St. B.L.o.G.’s Gets Commodified! [Read more...]

“How many fingers am I holding up?” “Good question,” answer Brazilian tribesmen. [Read more...]

Uncanny! Teens and young adults confound well meaning educators and educators confound right back! [Read more...]

Israel Spreads Grip a Bit, Iran Bristles a Bit [Read more...]