Oh, the blood I could shed! As a blogger, I need certain reflexes. I need to see a wisecrack behind every headline. I need to be able to find that extra quirk in an already quirky story. I need to be able to spring from story to story like Spiderman through crowded city streets. I [Read More...]


Two nations… to this day [Read more...]


Two nations… to this day [Read more...]


Freeze — literally! This stuff is great until it slips through the cracks into the Abu Ghraib Funhouses of the world. Rubber hoses and telephone book beatings are so clunky, so old-fashioned. But fortunately, now we can stay hip and trendy in the boundless torture of terror suspects. [Read more...]


In the Dead Zone The SETI Salvation Message of Martian Messianism gets a boost. “It’s the spores, my boy, the spores!” [Read more...]


New Blog Alert! Screaming Writer [Read more...]


The Kerry Campaign’s Lookin’ Sleazier Every Minute Bush has handed his opponent an increasingly unpopular *war* and a wobbly economy and still he’s holding steady, even after the traditional post-convention bounce in the polls. What else does the guy want? And yet still Team Kerry does knuckle-headed stuff like this. If Kerry keeps this sort [Read More...]


From our “Sin Makes you Stupid” file As al-Quaeda was readying itself to attack the United States our intelligence and police were extremely busy… pouring a ridiculous amount of energy into countering “prolife terrorism”. [Read more...]


That said, this is even more important to remember: Nobody should ever become a Christian because “It will preserve the West against Islamic terror or Western paganism”. Uncle Screwtape sums up this folly well: Only today I have found a passage in a Christian writer where he recommends his own version of Christianity on the [Read More...]


From our “Chesterton was a prophet” file Here is Chesterton on current British anti-terrorism measures: It is said that Paganism is a religion of joy and Christianity of sorrow; it would be just as easy to prove that Paganism is pure sorrow and Christianity pure joy. Such conflicts mean nothing and lead nowhere. Everything human [Read More...]