Of interest to some of my readers Jeff Ostrowski writes: I wanted to make you aware of my newest CD release: Summi et Aeterni Sacerdoti. This CD had no funding whatsoever. I produced it with the help of about 50 friends who love Sacred polyphonic music and Gregorian chant. Some of my friends were professional [Read More...]


I’ve been meaning to have this gene therapy, but I just haven’t gotten around to it [Read more...]


RadTrads Go Mad Not only that, there are alien bodies stored in large freezer units below the altar at St. Peters! [Read more...]


China Tries to Figure a Way out of the Mess it Has Created State-Mandated Birthing or Killing of Selected Members of the Herd: the Apotheosis of the “Choice” Movement [Read more...]


University of North Carolina Bowling Groups… like to limit their membership to people who want to go bowling. Similarly, University Jewish groups have this odd penchant for wanting Jewish members. Same for golf clubs: they seem to insist on their members wanting to golf. But when a Christian group wants to limit the membership to [Read More...]


Saw the “The Village” Last Night It was an interesting failure, I thought. Though it was interesting enough that I may go back to see it again. I won’t go into much detail at present (since I don’t want to give away plot points). I do think the critical backlash he’s getting from the dedicate [Read More...]


Reason #938457438593 to Kill your Television Gotta love this: “We are quite sensitive to certain issues, one of course being death.” I do appreciate one thing about this development. It will forever put to death the brow-furrowed sagacity of TeeVee “journalists” who talk about how serious their calling is–as though Edward R. Murrow is still [Read More...]


High School Textbooks: Making Foreign Students as Dumb as our Own Students [Read more...]


Why not Just Give Her the Cup? I don’t understand these sob stories. [Read more...]


“My truth is that I am an Adulterous American” doesn’t scan as well What’s with the “my truth” thing? And what’s with the preposterous claim that “it makes little difference that as governor I am gay” seconds after the fact of his illicit gay adventures and gay cronyism have brought his entire political career to [Read More...]