Shea Over and Out. I see Elliot appears to be coming on shift. [Read more...]

Stupid McCain-Feingold Anti-Free Speech Law Does its Stupid Work [Read more...]

As I feared Not a promising start for Iraqi sovereignty. [Read more...]

Christian Heritage – August 12 – When I Love My God! Augustine Day by Day – August 12 – You Loved Me First [Read more...]

Camp Songs for the Kids of Fanatical Secularists I love the idea of a “free thought community” where you aren’t allow to think about God or, at best, you are allowed to think one thing and one thing only. Scratch an atheist, find a fundamentalist. [Read more...]

Prayers for All You Floridians and East Coasters (and Cubans too, I see from the map) Hope the Hurricane decides to head east instead of north! May God spare you through Jesus Christ. [Read more...]

Cosby Continues to Speak Truth to Powerlessness I figure he’s only got a limited window of opportunity before the Jackson/Sharpton/NAALCP Axis of Evil starts trying to shout him down as an old fart who doesn’t understand the real troubles the black community faces. I’ll bet it’s just a matter of time before the hit pieces [Read More...]

Mark My Words… “Kingdom of Heaven” is going to be the “Catwoman” of historical drama. It is going to suck soooooo bad that it will vacuum all the air out of cinemaplexes all over the US and leave moviegoers in danger of popping from the pressure loss. This is going to be one massive piece [Read More...]

America Magazine Continues its Reliably Subversive Assault on the Obvious Teaching of the Church The mission of the Jesuits was to convert the elite to Christ, not conform Christ to the opinions of the elite. Somebody on the editorial staff at America seems to have forgotten that. [Read more...]

More on Imperial Hubris The longer I contemplate our Carthaginian faith in technology, commerce, and our dedication to a life of ease so profound that we will sacrifice millions of our own children to maintain it, the more I wonder if we are, in the long run, going to be capable of comprehending, much less [Read More...]