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Note to the Easily Confused My remarks to Raving Atheist are not to be construed as remarks for or against the death penalty. That’s not the point. Nichols could have been convicted of shoplifting and be full of contrition and repentance and the firm purpose of amendment. My point is simply that, if *any* criminal [Read More...]


Catholic Peace ‘n Justice Group Does the Right Thing The trouble with the anti-war movement is that it is, in large part, simply a convenient cover for the Same Old Leftists pursuing the Same Old Agendas. I’m glad these guys disassociated themselves from them. Gives them much more credibility in my eyes. [Read more...]


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Raving Atheist Fails to Grasp the Concept In his response, RA spends a fair amount of verbiage speculating on my sense of psychological intimidation before the majesty of his intellect–which intimidation was the *real* source of my reply to him. He also spends a goodly amount of time informing us that Terry Nichols was foolish [Read More...]


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