Corporate Greed, Academe, Exploitative Pre-Fab Musicians… pool talents to inflict further humiliations on African-American underclass in the name of philanthropy. Ambra Nykol has choice words for this absurdity too. [Read more...]

Who you gonna call? Technology for that Exquisitely Gullible Person in your life. [Read more...]

Ursuline Nuns Recreate 130 Mile River Float How cool is this? By the way, I will be floating the Skagit River this weekend! A much-needed respite! [Read more...]

If so, then I’m a candidate for the X-Men cuz I don’t feel no deep instinctual attraction to alcohol. Obviously, that makes me the Next Step in Evolution. As a general rule, I don’t have a problem with evolution (which seem to me to be another way of saying “grace perfects nature”). But I do [Read More...]

Closed. Padlocked. Fumigated. Austrian Seminary is no longer open for business. Nice to see some swift action taken. [Read more...]

Okay. I’m outta here. Last Big Push is On! [Read more...]

My Latest on Catholic Exchange Think different. [Read more...]

Note to the Easily Confused My remarks to Raving Atheist are not to be construed as remarks for or against the death penalty. That’s not the point. Nichols could have been convicted of shoplifting and be full of contrition and repentance and the firm purpose of amendment. My point is simply that, if *any* criminal [Read More...]

Catholic Peace ‘n Justice Group Does the Right Thing The trouble with the anti-war movement is that it is, in large part, simply a convenient cover for the Same Old Leftists pursuing the Same Old Agendas. I’m glad these guys disassociated themselves from them. Gives them much more credibility in my eyes. [Read more...]

The Ninth Day Sounds Like an Interesting Film [Read more...]