A paper airplane just came sailing past my nose and crashed into my computer… “Make me flat” is written in crayon on the side. When I unfold it, the words “I love you” are written in my son, Peter’s, bold hand. Peter turns 8 this month. Life is still very, very good. [Read more...]


Which, of course, mean that the main responsibility for this mess still lies with our hapless bench of bishops and that this editorial is, therefore, pretty much on the money. [Read more...]


“The only power the board has is to make the recalcitrant bishops look bad.” The NY Times just figured out that Keating was the Mayor of Potemkinville. Me: I’m realizing I’m irritated with Keating for resigning. As things stand now, the most *political* influence a layperson can wield within the Church is to use whatever [Read More...]


Amy evicerates the Da Vinci Code Fiction for people with the historical and theological grasp of a fruit fly. NPR and the NY Times loved it, natch. Also, check out her blog for a nice summary of the dilemma facing both “conservatives” and “liberals” who want to see reform in the Church. (Sorry, no links.) [Read more...]


Gay Marriage in Canada A reader sez: See this morning’s NY Times. Activitists are predicting American gays will get licenses and briong ‘em back to challenge US laws. Biggest event ever in gay history, they say. Canada is 43 percent Catholic. US is 25 percent Catholic. So in which country does this movement get the [Read More...]


Now They Think the “Jesus Box” is a Fake Not that it matters much. But thought you’d like to know. [Read more...]


And so it’s done I figured he’d be gone with this. May God help Bp. O’Brien, the people of Phoenix, and our poor Church. And may he grant eternal rest to Jim Reed and comfort and hope to his family. It’s hard to even feel relief. All I feel is sad and tired. Here’s the [Read More...]


It appears to be blegging week for a bunch of sites, so what the heck…. Have you made your donation to “Catholic and Enjoying it” lately? Your conscience will stop nagging you if you do. Plus, my family (pictured below, hard at work making simple cotton garments we hope to sell at market in order [Read More...]


Stuff you Never Knew About How Films Get Distributed Scroll down to “More Passion” [Read more...]


All of human history can be summarized in two sentences “What could it hurt?” followed sometime later by “How was I supposed to know?” [Read more...]


The Latest on St. Joan’s, The Iconic Parish of Suburban AmChurch Smugness [Read more...]


I still hear this question at times: “Why do you call your priests ‘father’ when Jesus explicitly says ‘Call no man “Father”‘?” (Matt. 23:9) What I never hear is “Why do you call your father ‘father’ when Jesus explicitly says ‘Call no man “father”‘?” Usually that’s because the questioner is only worried about who Catholics [Read More...]