If you live near South Bend, IN (that means Chi-town all the way to Indy and back up to Cleveland and around Detroit to Grand Rapids)… Check out this conference for youth and famblys. [Read more...]


My pal Gary Hoge was on The Journey Home the other night. You can listen to it in Real Audio here. The guy is one of the calmest, most lucid and gentle teachers of the Faith I’ve ever known. Check him out! [Read more...]


Glenn Reynolds Does His Bit to Show that Libertarianism is for People Who Don’t Have Children More from the Prophet Chesterton: Since the modern world began in the sixteenth century, nobody’s system of philosophy has really corresponded to everybody’s sense of reality; to what, if left to themselves, common men would call common sense. Each [Read More...]


My reader, whose handle is “Puzzled”, asks me to post the following First, some background. We had a little contretemps in the comment box below when, on the basis of a private correspondence we’d had some time ago, he charged me with saying that I didn’t care if By What Authority? reflected actual Protestant arguments [Read More...]


King Lear: Do you see this? Look on her, look, her lips,/Look there, look there! Dies Somehow this passage remind me of the ongoing certainty that WMDs are just around the corner. That dog won’t hunt and it’s foolish to keep clinging to it while the Evil Party (whose candidate voted for the war but [Read More...]


Seek First Fire Insurance and All These Things Shall be Added to You As Well This sort of shallow reportage is exactly what to expect from, well, shallow reporters who don’t really see the point of the Faith. The real story is much more nicely summarized by G.K. Chesterton in his invaluable little book The [Read More...]


Kill the Nazi! Little snapshots from the Guided Free Speech Zoo that is the Evil Party Convention. It’s stories like this that make the blogosphere so very invaluable. You’ll never hear about this on ABCCNBCCBSNPR. [Read more...]


Square-Shaped Circles, Married Bachelors and Pro-Life Democrats Unite! A reader writes: Since the news is not very likely to run many (if any) stories on today’s Democrats for Life Rally in Boston, I was wondering if you could perhaps provide a little heads-up to the many readers of CAEI (and maybe even FCA?). They’re rallying [Read More...]


Deep Cleansing Breaths, Turn My Attention To Something Productive Such as this really insightful piece by George Sim Johnston in Crisis and the thread discussing it over at Amy’s board. In particular, I was struck by two comments, the first by the ever-insightful Sherry Weddell and the second by Rich “He Ought to Consider Trying [Read More...]


Shea here. Joe wants the world to know a despicable little man when they see one! Mark, with all due respect to the deep grief you feel now (yes, I did read your blog), I find your exploitation of your sister-in-law’s death to criticize my response to your comments completely despicable. Had I insulted your [Read More...]