Seek First Fire Insurance and All These Things Shall be Added to You As Well This sort of shallow reportage is exactly what to expect from, well, shallow reporters who don’t really see the point of the Faith. The real story is much more nicely summarized by G.K. Chesterton in his invaluable little book The [Read More...]

Kill the Nazi! Little snapshots from the Guided Free Speech Zoo that is the Evil Party Convention. It’s stories like this that make the blogosphere so very invaluable. You’ll never hear about this on ABCCNBCCBSNPR. [Read more...]

Square-Shaped Circles, Married Bachelors and Pro-Life Democrats Unite! A reader writes: Since the news is not very likely to run many (if any) stories on today’s Democrats for Life Rally in Boston, I was wondering if you could perhaps provide a little heads-up to the many readers of CAEI (and maybe even FCA?). They’re rallying [Read More...]

Deep Cleansing Breaths, Turn My Attention To Something Productive Such as this really insightful piece by George Sim Johnston in Crisis and the thread discussing it over at Amy’s board. In particular, I was struck by two comments, the first by the ever-insightful Sherry Weddell and the second by Rich “He Ought to Consider Trying [Read More...]

Shea here. Joe wants the world to know a despicable little man when they see one! Mark, with all due respect to the deep grief you feel now (yes, I did read your blog), I find your exploitation of your sister-in-law’s death to criticize my response to your comments completely despicable. Had I insulted your [Read More...]

Shea here, emerging from my “Nixon in ’62″ period I was very touched by all the kind notes, encouraging words, and thoughtful things folks wrote me (too numerous to reply to individually). Thanks. I wish there was a longer word than “thanks”. It seems so inadequate. One note, from a dear friend, summed things up [Read More...]

BTW… Although Mark’s obviously got more reason to gripe (esp. this week) about the woes of comment boxing, I can say for myself that I’m glad to see my comment boxes (CBs) gone on my own FCA blog. I have no time now to explain why I removed them, but (as I mentioned on my [Read More...]

A reader asks: Did Thomas Aquinas say, “Choose the lesser of two evils?” If he said it, in what context did he say it? If he did not say this exactly, did he imply it? Class? [Read more...]

Augustine Day by Day – July 28 – Love Reaches Out [Read more...]

Christian Heritage – July 28 – Be Eager to Serve God in Humility As I like to say, “You can never be *too* humble.” Agree, disagree? [Read more...]