Okay. I’m sold. Where do I send my credit card number and bank account info? My Lordship/Friend, Now *that’s* what I call respect! A title suitable for a Holy Roman Emperor such as myself. Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am former Mrs Sikiratu Seki Adams, now Mrs Comfort Faith [Read More...]


Supreme Court *Just Barely* Keeps Larry Flynt from Conducting Private Sex Lessons with your Kid It’s the culture, stupid. On the bright side, the good guys won. On the down side, the good guys barely won. [Read more...]


Theologically Boneheaded American Catholics Continue to Think Politically The frustrating thing about this piece is that it gets a lot right and yet gets the central thing so horribly, horribly wrong. Yes, the bishops are still acting like everything will be fine if they just wait out the storm. But what sort of Catholic could [Read More...]


Fr. Rob Johansen on Senator John “Allow Me to Illustrate Mark Shea’s Thesis That We have the Bishops We Want” Kerry [Read more...]


Another Alleged Christian Joins the Vast Conspiracy of Absolute Evil That’s what comes of actually reading these books. Safer to not read them and just declare Rowling a proponent of the occult. Better to break the eighth commandment than the first. [Read more...]


I’m inexorably reminded of the cartoon I saw years ago Caption: Episcopal Church, 2010 AD. Two old guys sitting the back pew as the lesbian priestess and her lover process up the aisle carrying a statue of the Buddha and preceded by mincing muscle men flinging condoms to the congregation. One old guy says to [Read More...]


Pete Vere Creates a Firestorm Writes this… Provokes this discussion. [Read more...]


Satanic Civil Rights, Belgian Style Same deal as Moloch worship: “Sacrifice your children and for you it will be well.” Such sins cry out to heaven. [Read more...]


Wanna know what one culture is learning from another culture? Watch what words get borrowed. [Read more...]


Pope John Paul II, Art Bell, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Jeffrey Katzenberg, JK Rowling, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Jonah Goldberg and Dell Dude Taken in for questioning after lightning raid Everything you’ve ever suspected is true! [Read more...]


Lunatics always think they are sane They don’t know what’s killing them. [Read more...]


Faithful Lay Catholic John Kerry Promises to Filibuster on Behalf of Abortion Fascist Alliance Kerry: “I swear on my Planned Parenthood button that I will block confirmation of any judge who is not rigidly committed to the sacrament of abortion by reading over and over and over again from Mark Shea’s blog that we American [Read More...]