A reader is also a writer… Regina Doman, a Catholic author, has a new book coming out from Bethlehem Books. Check out the press release. It sounds pretty good. (Now, about my book-buying compulsion…) New Catholic Fairy Tale Fiction Bethlehem Books has just released another original novel for teenagers titled Black as Night: A Fairy [Read More...]


It’s nice to see a fine upstanding organization like Planned Parenthood can diversify… to meet youth’s needs not only for cosmetic abortion but also for sadomasochistic sex toys and free porn. Dawn Eden does a great job, and a great service, exposing this foul “educational” scam for what it is. Read it! Dew it! Dew [Read More...]


Just to dispel any lingering doubts you might have had that I am a one-sided liberal nincompoop obsessively and utterly opposed to every single aspect of the War on Iraqnowandforeveramen…! I’m posting what one of my favorite blog/ discussion boards acquaintances sent me about a very positive take on the War by an Iraqi bishop. [Read More...]


When does religion become a hate crime? By Al Webb THE WASHINGTON TIMES LONDON — The government of Prime Minister Tony Blair, with its eye on Islamist militants, has begun a nationwide campaign to make inciting religious hatred a crime punishable by imprisonment. … The new law would be a “two-way street,” Mr. Blunkett said. [Read More...]


Matt Drudge Gets in Kerry’s Face [Read more...]


Next order of business: Iran needs a facelift Regime change in Iran now in Bush’s sights [Read more...]


Darwin’s always had critics Britain’s leading evolutionary biologists are preparing to celebrate the 200th birthday of one of Charles Darwin’s most ferocious opponents. Richard Owen went to his grave believing Darwin was wrong to argue that life evolved by natural selection operating on random mutation – but he also discovered the gorilla for science, identified [Read More...]


Seems Blair has his own credibility issues to deal with after Iraq [Sorry for glitches and no link; can't find the link; blogged here as sent to me {except for my editorial ellipses}] http://www.observer.co.uk PM admits graves claim ‘untrue’ Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor Sunday July 18 2004 The Observer Downing Street has admitted to [Read More...]


Belgium: Setting the Gold Standard for Lethal Decadence in Post-Christian Europe Only the finest and fittest for this staunchly “Catholic” nation! [Read more...]


Prayer Update! Josephine, who asked for prayer a little while ago, reports good news: It looks like the insurance will be having my air conditioning replaced tomorrow. If anyone has any need please send them to me and I will gladly dedicate a rosary or 2 while I am praying during the day. Thanks to [Read More...]