The Fraud at FleetCenter One has the sense that the Dems are now almost completely dominated by people who respond to mere acoustics rather than reasoned arguments. [Read more...]

Can you say “hardcore”? [Read more...]

First, they liberalized abortion a bit, and now this! Proving that our principles of democracy and liberty ARE spreading like wildflowers are spreading in the Middle East, just like we were promised! David Frum and Andrew Sullivan squirm with ecstasy at the growing American culture hegemony. [Read more...]

Grab the bull by the horns! [Read more...]

Now Begins the Long Season Where the Major Parties Vie to Insult our Intelligence Over on the Left, we have the ridiculous spectacle of Kerry suddenly erupting in Open Talk about Faith and Guns. I await the moment he dons a NASCAR jacket and cranks up “God bless the USA” on the pickup truck speakers. [Read More...]

Catholics Against Kerry I agree with their critique of Kerry. I’m a little dubious about clicking the PayPal button since I know nothing of who these people are nor of what becomes of the money. For all I know, it could go be a front for scamming Stupid Party members and sending their donations straight [Read More...]

Episcopal Spine Alert! [Read more...]

Sam Donaldson Re-Affirms his Commitment to Telling Lies [Read more...]

Right on Schedule: Iraq begins to get in touch with its Inner Taliban Who could possibly have *imagined* that the Christian Church in Iraq (one of the few Christian communities in the Islamic world that was relatively okay) would be specially targeted for extermination? What a completely unforeseen event! Oh well, it’s just Christians, so [Read More...]

Gays to Catholic School: Celebrate Us or Ve Vill Punish You! Of course, the principal was asking for it. Instead of saying, “We are under no obligation to admit anybody when they directly contradict Catholic teaching” he spouted off the normal mealy-mouthed crap about diversity. But let’s not kid ourselves. This is an attempt to [Read More...]