A reader asks: I have been enjoying the intelligent discussions on your Blog site concerning the “Just War” principal and its relation to the War against Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction, etc. In light of these discussions, I wonder how you would apply the “Just War” principles in this case. How you think Israel (and [Read More...]


Children’s Crusade for Priests Seems like a practical thing to do. [Read more...]


Justin Katz on By What Authority? … which you can [shameless plug mode on] purchase here[shameless plug mode off]. [Read more...]


My heart swells with pride for the bishop of Phoenix A reader writes: My wife grew up in the Phoenix Diocese, and I lived there for some time, too; it has been a Catholic wasteland for years. While not as widely known and notorious as a Law, Weakland, or Mahoney, O’Brien is an ecclesiastical poster [Read More...]


The message was plain: Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction made war unavoidable. So where are they? Yes. The question does continue to nag. [Read more...]


Order in the Bronze Age Fanatic Court! Islamofascist barbarians dispense “justice” from the Pleistocene. [Read more...]


A reader writes: As soon as I heard that the US was withdrawing from Saudi Arabia, I immediately wrote a friend to say that this was the real reason for the war. (Osama bin Laden bombed us because there were US troops in Saudi Arabia. Not wanting another attack, the White House wanted to get [Read More...]


Heh! By the way, got a piece on blogging in this month’s issue of Crisis. I’ll put a copy of it on my website when I get a minute. [Read more...]


Honest! I did not write Sullivan and ask him to give this title to his article It remains a good question though, and one that few war supporters besides Josh Claybourn seem to want to press very hard. [Read more...]


Comments appear to be working again [Read more...]


As I say, laity ain’t powerless [Read more...]


Further Tales of the Unexplained A reader sent this along. Weird. The names are all changed. Background 1. When my grandfather died, I had to call my exorcist friend and his prayer team to my mom and dad’s place to “get rid” of him. We were having mild poltergeist kinds of things, all centered around [Read More...]