Just when I thought life in Taiwan couldn’t get any funnier (scroll down to Chinese Stand-up Comedy) The comedians Song Sau-ching and Feng Yi-kang of Comedians Workshop want to show the audience how comedy touches the deepest part of the human heart. Their performances are rich with common sense and deep reflections on life. I’m [Read More...]


WTO talks seen a success for world’s poor Negotiators seemed poised yesterday to seal a deal to get stalled world trade talks back on track, laying the ground for cuts in rich countries’ huge farm subsidies and freer trade in other goods. But the talks, which negotiators had initially hoped would end by midnight on [Read More...]


Sometimes the Internet is just so cool The Literature Network See, I don’t think the Internet is all fluff! [Read more...]


Christian Heritage – July 31 – Let Us Bind Ourselves to Christ Augustine Day by Day – July 31 – Living in Unity [Read more...]


When Duty Calls “The police department put an officer on trial Wednesday for refusing to arrest a homeless man who was sleeping in a parking garage.” [Read more...]


Malawi clerics caught canoodling A Catholic priest and nun have been convicted in Malawi for making love in an airport car park. The 43-year-old priest and 26-year-old nun were caught “in the act” in a tinted saloon car parked at Lilongwe International Airport. Any headline with “canoodling” in it is almost guaranteed a smile. And [Read More...]


Dr. Crick Has Croaked [Read more...]


Christian Heritage – July 30 – The Church is a Garden Extending Over the Whole World Augustine Day by Day – July 30 – The Common Store [Read more...]


Captain Bougis reporting for duty! Well, Allison (my girlfriend) flew out of CKS Airport in Taipei tonight at 6:45 PM. I was sadder than I expected to see her go (I know, I know, who was I kidding?). Although I’m in a basically low key mood, and am still licking my wounds from this recent [Read More...]


[Read more...]