This is the coolest ad you will see this year All shot in one take. Of course, it took 606 takes for it to work. Flash 6 required. [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood: Champion of Women [Read more...]

And so (mostly) Farewell I’ve decided to largely knock off the blog for Lent. I have a book I’ve known I need to write for nearly a year now, as well as numerous other projects I have to focus on. Something’s gotta give and I’ve decided it’s this blog. This is aided and abetted by [Read More...]

When Worlds Collide In one corner you have Fortress Catholics who just want to live in 1956 Cleveland forever and ever. In the other corner, you have New Age flakes, loyal only to Vatican III, who eagerly await the day that the Catholic Church says, “Oh what the hell! Believe whatever you like and God [Read More...]

It takes more faith then I can muster to believe “scientific” explanations of Christianity These are the same people who were telling us that Paul was converted by ball lightning. Or make that epilepsy. No! Wait! He was really responding to Osiris myths! Make that “repressed homosexuality”! No! Stay with us! We’ll find the real [Read More...]

Columnist for Stockholm Syndrome Register Star Engages in Moral Reasoning Problem: Unchaste gay priests raping boys and contemptuously flouting their vows. Solution: Demand unchaste gay Catholics have unfettered access to employment in the Catholic Church while contemptuously flouting Catholic moral teaching. Portray critics of this bright idea as neanderthals. Reporters are, by and large, Assyrians, [Read More...]

Help me out here Is Hitchens really saying, as he appears to me to be saying here, that there was no imminent threat of WMDs and that the rhetoric about such a threat was merely a “tool” to get support for the war against Saddam revved up? I’m blinking my eyes and reading it again, [Read More...]

A reader sez: Suggestion: When you ask your blog readers for support you present the request as the equivalent for what they might pay for a daily newspaper or weekly magazine. Because, indeed, that is what it is. Who am I to argue with one of my readers? [Read more...]

There should be some sort of Pulitzer for titles Jeremy Lott on the Piltdown Man of biblical archaeology. PS. I’m not invested in the authenticity or fakery of the box one way or t’other. I’ve gathered from the news reports that it appears to be a fake, but Lott says that’s still debatable. Okay. I’m [Read More...]

Professional Hyperventilators Hyperventilate over “Passion” Yeah, but these guys see anti-semitism everywhere, especially–as orthodox Jew David Klinghoffer notes–at fund-raising time. I’ll wait till the movie comes out before I make a judgment on it. [Read more...]

And now for today’s Contest! First, read this bit from the Spunkmeisters at CANN CHURCH-SPEAK that makes us twitch & reach for the air-sickness bag (and check our wallets & get out the Weasel-Word-o-meter): enriching, diversity, share, process, nurture, empower, listening, challenge, controversial, emotional, comfortable, issue, honor, situation, unity, process, divisiveness, values, dialogue, rich, disempower, [Read More...]

The Last Refuge of Scoundrels and Morons is the Argument… “Groups like ours will always exist” Okay. Groups like flat earthers and the Society for Valuing Pi at 4 will always exist. Murderers will always exist. Nutso racists will always exist. People who think William Shatner is a great actor exist. And therefore… what? They’re [Read More...]