What’s French for “Tawana Brawley”? Shea here. Looks like I may owe six non-existent North African Muslims an apology. [Read more...]


Numbers Don’t Lie But liars sometimes number. The latest Zogby opinion poll for U.S. Catholic issues is out. Topics include stem-cell research, Bush’s approval ratings (down by 30%+ since fall 2001), same-sex unions, legal aspects of the abuse scandal, and U.S. bishops’ approval ratings (I wonder if they even bothered asking Rod Dreher). How seriously [Read More...]


Madonna: A Heartbreaking Beauty Even After All These Years [Read more...]


A reader sends word of some apparent anti-Catholic political skullduggery Where is the outrage over Senators in both parties voting against Leon Holmes to be a Federal Judge on the basis that he was a Catholic? The Senators voting against him were Senators Durbin, Schumer, Kerry, Snowe and even Kay Bailey Hutchison to name a [Read More...]


Augustine Day by Day – July 13 – Leaders Are Servants This is quote is a fine seque to me telling you all something I’ve felt since Mark handed me this gig: I am your servant. Don’t laugh. I hardly know you, even in the anemic terms of “knowing someone” our techno-society increaingly thinks; but [Read More...]


Christian Heritage – July 13 – The Holy Spirit Comes to Christians through Christ [Read more...]


Augustine Day by Day – July 12 – A Gradual Knowledge [Read more...]


Christian Heritage – July 12 – We Love You with the Love You Yourself [Read more...]


Robert Reich Calls for a New Reich: The Robert Reich Christianity Today, Week of July 5 Writing for the liberal magazine The American Prospect, former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich calls for a war against conservative religious believers. “The great conflict of the 21st century will not be between the West and terrorism. Terrorism [Read More...]


For that intimate, down-home, natural, “family feel” of sperm-donating… use Pop Smear. The name you can trust. That is, unless you’re a homophobic, fundamentalist cro-magnon. Dawn Eden skewers the devolution of the “evolved” (read, “gay”) family. [Read more...]