Proof that I Don’t Control All the Content at Catholic Exchange I think Fr. Aguilar is all wet in charging Harry Potter with gnosticism, but we at CE like diversity of opinion. [Read more...]

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Mark Windsor wants to change the world! You can help him do it by going here and joining in a discussion of *practical* things you can do to work for healing in the Church. [Read more...]

You find the darnedest things on the Internet [Read more...]

Message to All “Harry Potter is Satanic” folks: It’s really lookin’ like you don’t know what you’re talking about: When Bloomsbury Publishing announced on 15 January that the long awaited Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix would be released on June 21, they released a teaser excerpt on their web site to excite [Read More...]

Sheesh! “Abuse of Children! Abuse of Children!” Yadda yadda! Can’t People Find Something Else to Talk About? Let’s move on! No, that’s not Bp. McCormack trying to deflect your attention from his responsibility for Paul Shanley. That’s the National Catholic Reporter fretting that a far more popular and culturally approved form of child abuse is [Read More...]

Still More Good News! Academic ninnies offended by Cardinal’s “pro-family thing”. It’s a fine thing when the gospel pisses off the right people. [Read more...]

More good news! A bishop refuses to be part of the Democratic Party at prayer. [Read more...]

Kevin Miller has some interesting thoughts on the relations between the “particular Church” (i.e. the diocese or eparchy) and the Universal Church For those of you struggling with ecclesiology questions, this is a useful contribution. [Read more...]

Speaking of cultural phenoms Two reviews of the Matrix. [Read more...]

Hidden Key to Harry Potter Reviewed in the Journal of Religion and Public Life Hidden Key author John Granger sends along the following response to the review: Dear Paul Bube, Thank you for the thoughtful and generous review of The Hidden Key to Harry Potter in ‘The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture’. It is [Read More...]

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