Remember when Rush Limbaugh Personally Urged Tim McVeigh to Blow up the OKC Fed Building? …at least, according to the Al Gore pick for the Greatest President of the 20th Century? Now, however, the guys in Hollywood who bankrolled Clinton assure us that their filmic uber-violence cannot possibly have any inspirational effects for the deranged. [Read more...]

St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Frisco begins to grasp… …we get the pastors we are willing to settle for. I don’t expect they will have their pastor long. It’s an open question whether the rest of the American Church will figure this out. Our bishops were not grown hydroponically. They reflect what we wanted: [Read More...]

The WaPo asks the musical question… “Well? Where are they?” Remember just two months ago when the Pope was an absolute idiot? [Read more...]

Amy Skewers the Da Vinci Code Stupid lit for stupid people. For my take on what you should do when somebody suddenly announces that they’ve found the “Real Jesus” (O! The Awful Truth!) go here. [Read more...]

John Betts is Back on the Air [Read more...]

That silence you hear… is the sound of money not falling in the collection plates of Dallas parishes. You’d think that the diocese that gave us both Rudy Kos *and* the big bishop sex abuse confab would get a frickin’ clue. [Read more...]

Some of you may remember St. Joan of Arc Parish aka “Home of the Smug, Self-Satisfied, Suburban Uber-Flakes”. Naturally, one of their teachers is getting an award from the bishop and Catholic Parents Online is not staying quiet about it. Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis 226 Summit Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55102 (651)291-4400 May [Read More...]

Allegedly Catholic Students Shocked that Catholic College Hosts Catholic Speaker “Many of his disciples, when they heard it, said, ‘This is a hard saying; who can listen to it?’” (John 6:60) [Read more...]

A reader writes below, concerning the “Bush made a mistake in good faith” argument (being put forward by those scrambling to justify the war in the absence of any WMDs The good faith mistake hypothesis doesn’t work either. To continue the housewife analogy…The housewife still commits murder, even if mistaken, when she is being informed [Read More...]

Another Lefty wets herself They’re just so fun when they have hysterics! [Read more...]

“There! That oughtta hold the little b******s!” That remark, famously made by a children’s radio show host who thought he was off the air, came to mind as I discovered my blog, Catholic Light and Extreme Catholic were apparently part of some curious experiment hosted by Raving Atheist to show that atheists could be full [Read More...]

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