Storytime with Teacher Geistesbougisheit… This is definitely one of my favorite but most disturbing stories: Home Turf. It’s about a guy that talks to plants, literally. This story was a case of W. Zinsser’s so-called “writing across the disciplines.” I knew pretty much nothing about plants before writing this story but I learned some neat [Read More...]

Genocide in Darfur The Sudanese government is directly responsible for crimes against humanity in its strife-torn western region of Darfur, including the widespread rape of women, Amnesty International charged yesterday in a stinging report. Refugees from Darfur described a pattern of “systematic and unlawful attacks” against civilians by both a government-sponsored Arab militia and the [Read More...]

Not a stranger to many of you, I’m sure, but… I think Fr. Stanley Jaki deserves as wide a reading as he can get. (This, of course, coming from a guy considering a PhD in the philosophy and history of science.) [Read more...]

Fli Fryendly Skies or I vill deck you Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we’re headed into a big can of Whoop Ass. Please, return your arms and legs to their full, upright boxing positions. In case of a headlock, please yell for help and then pass out. We hope you’ve enjoyed your flight and [Read More...]

A great resource for monastic, liturgical and devotional stuff Monks of Adoration I used their copy of the Divine Chaplet to get into that prayer. Thank God. [Read more...]

O’Malley vs. Greeley — on Shea’s Blog! A veritable Catholic Irish monsoon! [Read more...]

Like I said… I post what I get: David Kay, Head of U.S. WMD Inspectors: “Blair and Bush ‘Should Have Realised Pre-War Truth on Wmd’” Tony Blair and George Bush should have realised before the war that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, the man who led the hunt for the missing weapons [Read More...]

A reader, frustrated by my generally uneasy stance on the Iraq War, Vol. II… does the right thing and sends me links just like other people have been. Folks, if you couldn’t tell, I turned in my Omniscience and Infallibility License whole weeks, if not months, ago. (The memory tends to wane once that card’s [Read More...]

Fr. Corapi speaks This year, more than ever, Catholics and the entire human family face a daunting challenge. We have to elect a president and other high-ranking officials, and the choice could be a matter of life or death for the nation. For Catholics, it is a matter of moral turpitude to merely vote for [Read More...]

Further proof that the Catholic Church has absolutely no clue about sex and contraception [LOW-FLYING FUZZY SARCASM ALERT!] [Read more...]