We Interrupt This Broadcast… for a special announcement from the awesomest guy in the whole friggin world! (Strong Bad.) SBemail’d! Since we’re getting all Homestarstruck on this blog for the day, I figured I’d link to a few of my favortie moments from Strongbadia: Japanese Cartoon and Crazy Cartoon and Action Figure and Morning Routine [Read More...]


True Liberation Theology [Read more...]


Like this song or not… See if I care. Whatever, man. [Read more...]


Another great source for the wisdom of the Fathers Not yet available in injectable form. (Of course, odds are G. Serafin has had this page linked for the past few eons.) [Read more...]


The Ultimate Breakfast Theme Song [Read more...]


Augustine Day by Day – July 20 – Two Kinds of People [Read more...]


Christian Heritage – July 20 – Calling for Help [Read more...]


Shea here. Some men see Homestarrunner as it is and ask, “What’s so funny?” I see people watching things like this and not laughing and ask, “What’s *not* funny?” (By the way, move your mouse to the upper right hand corner of the screen once it goes dark and you will find a hilarious easter [Read More...]


Shea here. New StrongBad email! Don’t forget to click on the easter eggs hidden under a couple of words on the final screen. Speaking of which, if you go to the Homestarrunner They Might Be Giants video and immediately click on the words “Directed by” down in the lower left corner (you’ll have to be [Read More...]


The mini-saga continues… Before I sleep, I’ll leave you with part 3 of “In This One Wall”. In this installment we meet more characters (some that last longer than others…) and see the threat — the glistening faceless villain — spread its claws and tighten its grip over the sands of Geveldar. Dunh dunh duuuuunnnnhhh! [Read More...]