All good things come to an end… and so does my mediocre sf/fantasy story, “In This One Wall”. Today I leave you with the fifth and final part of the story. Who survives? Who doesn’t? (“Who cares?”?) And what’s the moral of the story? You tell me. (Think Cain and Abel and remember Orthok.) Okay, [Read More...]

The Dems Come Clean At Last! [Read more...]

Harry Potter gets a cultcha revamp! His magic truly is all Greek to me. [Read more...]

For those of you that like to touch books… and even for those of you that like to read them, here’s my essay on bookbinding, “The Ties That Bind“. I really enjoyed learning about the bookish craft and am of half a mind to make it a hobby. See what you think. [Read more...]

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The Geveldarian Saga of Doom Continues! Join us for part 4 of “In This One Wall”, wherein the glugs continue to flee the glistening villain and then make a (futile?) stand against it. [PS. Believe it or not, the fill-in guy (me) for the regular guy (Mark) is going out of town (Taichung) for a [Read More...]

Storytime with Teacher Geistesbougisheit… This is definitely one of my favorite but most disturbing stories: Home Turf. It’s about a guy that talks to plants, literally. This story was a case of W. Zinsser’s so-called “writing across the disciplines.” I knew pretty much nothing about plants before writing this story but I learned some neat [Read More...]

Genocide in Darfur The Sudanese government is directly responsible for crimes against humanity in its strife-torn western region of Darfur, including the widespread rape of women, Amnesty International charged yesterday in a stinging report. Refugees from Darfur described a pattern of “systematic and unlawful attacks” against civilians by both a government-sponsored Arab militia and the [Read More...]

Not a stranger to many of you, I’m sure, but… I think Fr. Stanley Jaki deserves as wide a reading as he can get. (This, of course, coming from a guy considering a PhD in the philosophy and history of science.) [Read more...]