A great resource for monastic, liturgical and devotional stuff Monks of Adoration I used their copy of the Divine Chaplet to get into that prayer. Thank God. [Read more...]


O’Malley vs. Greeley — on Shea’s Blog! A veritable Catholic Irish monsoon! [Read more...]


Like I said… I post what I get: David Kay, Head of U.S. WMD Inspectors: “Blair and Bush ‘Should Have Realised Pre-War Truth on Wmd’” Tony Blair and George Bush should have realised before the war that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, the man who led the hunt for the missing weapons [Read More...]


A reader, frustrated by my generally uneasy stance on the Iraq War, Vol. II… does the right thing and sends me links just like other people have been. Folks, if you couldn’t tell, I turned in my Omniscience and Infallibility License whole weeks, if not months, ago. (The memory tends to wane once that card’s [Read More...]


Fr. Corapi speaks This year, more than ever, Catholics and the entire human family face a daunting challenge. We have to elect a president and other high-ranking officials, and the choice could be a matter of life or death for the nation. For Catholics, it is a matter of moral turpitude to merely vote for [Read More...]


Further proof that the Catholic Church has absolutely no clue about sex and contraception [LOW-FLYING FUZZY SARCASM ALERT!] [Read more...]


We Interrupt This Broadcast… for a special announcement from the awesomest guy in the whole friggin world! (Strong Bad.) SBemail’d! Since we’re getting all Homestarstruck on this blog for the day, I figured I’d link to a few of my favortie moments from Strongbadia: Japanese Cartoon and Crazy Cartoon and Action Figure and Morning Routine [Read More...]


True Liberation Theology [Read more...]


Like this song or not… See if I care. Whatever, man. [Read more...]


Another great source for the wisdom of the Fathers Not yet available in injectable form. (Of course, odds are G. Serafin has had this page linked for the past few eons.) [Read more...]