Yeeeks, imagine the tweezers you’d need to work with these! GE unveils nanotech device [Read more...]

Flwooosh! Portland Archdiocese Filing Chapter 11 [Read more...]

Blair botches the script on WMDs Open mouth, out comes truth, in goes foot. (Scroll down page, past al Zarqawi update) Sad to see, but Blair is practicing gnostic politics. “We know that you know that we know that we can’t actually *find* anything, but, you know, we also know that we knew that we [Read More...]

The key to humor… is subtlety. [Read more...]

It’s called enabling… I’m a whipped book lover. is my porn. Now, Mark Brumley tells us, Ignatius Press is wading even deeper into the biz. Friends, I’ve waited to tell you the exciting news about this until things were up and running. Now they are. Ignatius Press is adding a new website,, to [Read More...]

Again, if I were Mark, I might say something like… “Gay Brownshirts on the March!” But I’m not Mark. No matter, this story says it well enough on its own. [Read more...]

More on the Kerry heresy suit [Read more...]

Fight fire with fire… If the abortion politickers won’t heed moral suasion, maybe a canonical lawsuit for heresy will tweak their nobs. If I were Mark, I might say something like, “Unleash the power of the blog!” Have at it! [Read more...]

Fear not… Death-hound Peter Singer has a clear eye to lead us through the Great Cleansing The Wall Street Journal recently compared Singer with Hitler’s deputy, Martin Bormann. A US Congressman has described him as “taking the Josef Mengele chair in bio-ethics” at Princeton University. Diane Coleman, the leader of the disability rights group Not [Read More...]

New StrongBad email! SBemail’d! [Read more...]