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Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, by Elliot “Authentic” Bougis With Will Smith’s new movie out, Wired is running some AI features. This article (The Humanoid Race — Robert Capps — Wired 12.07, July 2004) is a very interesting, albeit brief, summary of some of the leading innovations in the development of so-called artificial intelligence (AI). The [Read More...]

“Hey, pipe down,” said the Big Red Dragon. [Read more...]

Two out of two Reformed pastors agree… gay marriage is God’s future for the Church. So buck up and say, “Aaahhh.” A prolific Catholic blogger some of you may know had this to say, “Amazing. Reminds me of the Marxist that told his friend not to give money to an old beggar woman. ‘Don’t delay [Read More...]

Who is dis guy? You might be asking yourself that. Who is this Geistesbougis at the helm? (BTW, someone asked how to pronounce my last name, Bougis. Well, I have no shame; it’s best you know early. My last name is pronounced just as the sinister little humor gremlin in your soul wants it to [Read More...]

As long as everything is out in the open… all above-board-like, ya know? I mean, it would be a shame to have anything to hide in this torture fiasco. [Read more...]

So a bishop, another bishop and another bishop… walk into bar. First bishop says to the second bishop, “What do you think about this abortion issue?” Second bishop shrugs, points to the third bishop, and says, “I dunno, ask him.” So the first bishop asks the third bishop the same question. The third bishop shrugs, [Read More...]

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