Not that things are much cozier… this much closer to the Red Bear. [Read more...]

So about this War on Islamic Terror… Maybe the scope should be widened, or narrowed, or shifted, or polished, or something, a bit. [Read more...]

It’s so hard to find good stem cells these days… they’re just so contrary these days. [Read more...]

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Talktalktalktalktalk… An interesting, albeit typically monstrously sprawling, ezboard discussion at Greg Krehbiel’s Crowhill blog. There may still be a pulse. This hyrda-like beast started when my name was brought into it by an admirer of my “woik,” so I decided to “>step in provide some of the typically sprawled out blog-comment history. And then, just [Read More...]

Legal update on Terri Schiavo… Her case is and was one of the key issues that tapped me into the power of blogging and into this CAEI blog-community. Let’s keep praying for our Lady of Forced Assisted Suicide [Read more...]

Signs of growth… for Black American pop culture. [Read more...]

About a bone… I guess some graverobbers found “>a small skull in Africa. Pass me the celebratory kazoo. Here’s a follow-up post in which I (with the help of a little Filipna) get to the heart of the matter. [Read more...]

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The bigger they are… the harder they shimmy. [Read more...]