Christian Heritage – July 15 – The Fountain of Life [Read more...]

Glub! Shea here. Okay, that’s it for me today. I’m in the home stretch on my projects and will return in a week or two. Meantime, Elliot–my Young Apprentice–will continue posting stuff… unless, that is, he is Young and Alive and has some absurd notions about living a life away from computers with people of [Read More...]

Speaking of European trips… Shea here. Bad news. Looks like the Shea/Johansen (or is that Johansen/Shea?) pilgrimage to France is off. Not enough people signed up to make it economically feasible. Alas! It was not to be! If you want to find out more detail, please contact Mark Windsor, who knows all, sees all. Note [Read More...]

Shea here. I don’t know about you… But I am tickled pink by the fact that They Might Be Giants and Homestarrunner have teamed up to make a music video. Check it out. [Read more...]

Shea here. This amused me greatly (takes a while to load) [Read more...]

Hard Work and Pluck Pay Off Shea here. My son Luke, after working hard to pay for it, has just departed on a trip to England with a bunch of kids from his school and various teachers and chaperones. He will be in Dallas (!?) this afternoon and then fly from there to London, where [Read More...]

I read it on the Internet so it must be true This last piece (for now, always “for now”!) is about my reservations about the “information age” and the “information superhighway.” We’ve definitely got the “age” and “super” parts; it’s the other elements I have to squint to see. FYI? — by Elliot Bougis Something [Read More...]

Tell me how you really feel This next poem is called “Expertise Lost”. It’s about my gripes, crudely set to poetry, about wildly (and wildly bad) “free form” poetry. If life imitates art, free form coffee shop screamers don’t bode well for the future. Expertise Lost — by Elliot Bougis [Read more...]

This oughta hold ya for a while… Bedtime for Bonzo. Taipei Chiang Kai Shek Aiport tomorrow evening. While I’m away, enjoy a poem or two and an essay from your beloved “interim blogger” (me!). (Try not to dribble too many nose beans on it, eh?) This first is a poem called “Adoration”. There’s nothing like [Read More...]

Why’s It Gotta Be Black? Italian and Catholic… Like Aquinas Spanish and Catholic… Like Ignatius of Loyola Irish and Catholic… Like Brendan Polish and Catholic… Like Wojtyla German and Catholic… Like Hildegarde French and Catholic… Like Joan of Arc English and Catholic… Like Newman White and Catholic… Like Most of Us There was a recent [Read More...]