The Seattle G. K. Chesterton Society Presents: “The Undiscovered Chesterton” A Lecture by Dale Ahlquist, President, The American Chesterton Society Fireside Room Student Union Building Seattle Pacific University Wednesday, February 26, 7:30 PM This event is co-sponsored by the Discovery Institute All attendees are invited to enjoy refreshments (pizza and pop) after the talk and [Read More...]

That’s funny. David Brooks uses the phrase “Buchananite Right” to describe a particular sort of conservative who is hostile to Jews Odd how other people have the same impression I do of that crowd. Must be a Zionist conspiracy. [Read more...]

Several readers are writing to complain that Milwaukee is offering RENEW 2000 Dunno much about it myself. My wife and I did a RENEW thingie at our old parish when I first entered the Church. Seemed innocuous enough to me at the time. Mostly an excuse for small group sharing with some low intensity chit [Read More...]

St. Luke Productions is coming out with a film on St. Therese [Read more...]

Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany NY enters competition for Worst Still-Serving Bishop Award Read it and weep. [Read more...]

After Abortion links an interesting WaPo piece about the high rate of Russian infertility Abortion: the gift that keeps on taking. [Read more...]

A few years back… A bus system in England was suffering from lack of punctuality. They were constantly late picking up passengers so a directive from on high was issued: Punctuality was Goal #1. The bus drivers complied. They raced from stop to stop and kept on schedule by not stopping to pick up passengers. [Read More...]

Martin Farkus’ blog has settled into it’s address and is open for business too [Read more...]

Another Sign of Spring A young Catholic evangelist has a blog open for business! [Read more...]

Dimwits for Peace (requires registration) Some antiwar types in LA decided to support the French peace position, not by laying out their nude perfect California bodies to spell out words, but by laying out croissants to spell out the words of support. They spelled out “Viva la pain” which means “Long live bread” instead of [Read More...]

New blog! [Read more...]

It turns out the GOP *forced* Kucinich to flip-flop on abortion Riiiiiight. [Read more...]