Photo Exhibit at Mount Saint Mary’s Focuses on Seminarians, Catholic Life “Catholic Faith, Catholic Faces,” a collection of photos of seminary and parish life taken by Pavel Chichikov, will be on exhibit at the Delaplaine Gallery, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Emmitsburg MD, September 1–20. The exhibit includes images from Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary and other [Read More...]

Fr. Clay’s Situation: If It Weren’t So Bloody Tragic, It Would Be Funny Yet another turn in the plot: The Clay file is missing from the Monroe County DA’s office — and it was taken by the previous DA, who is now awaiting trial on charges of having molested his own daughter. How much weirder [Read More...]

Not All Libertarians are People Whose Vision Only Extends to the End of Their Own Selfish Generation [Read more...]

Canon Lawyer in–Wait for it–Los Angeles (!)–Files Suit Against Kerry in Canonical Court Details here, here, and here. [Read more...]

This is where having a theology that allows for baptism by infusion would really help [Read more...]

If only politicians could marry… [Read more...]

Korea is Protecting its People A rather maternal action by the South Korean state make it impossible for Koreans to read this blog entry. [Read more...]

More Rumblings about the Sudan This time from Powell. [Read more...]

Many of my readers may remember Afghanistan That campaign seems to have complete disappeared from the headlines. [Read more...]

A bloody mess in Dallas/Ft. Worth Yesterday, the DMN ran this story. Today Fr. Allan Hawkins drafts this for the parish: From Fr Hawkins to the people of St Mary the Virgin No doubt you will have seen the story which appeared today in the Dallas Morning News, and perhaps elsewhere in the media. I [Read More...]