Abortion: It Ain’t Just a U.S. Problem Social groups [in Taiwan] expressed concern that a revision of the law to prevent abortions after the 12th week of pregnancy could pressure women into having early abortions … By making the law more stringent, the DOH hopes to counter the rising abortion rate and protect the right [Read More...]


Delete! Send! Reply! Forward! Attack! Retreat! Panic! Freeze! Relaaaaax, it’s just e-mail. ATTENTION ALL SF FANS: What sf writer, dead or alive, could spin the best “War of the Emails” yarn (and why)? [Read more...]


Prince Charles, on the other hand… does seem to have a good, but cautious grasp of the little nanobugs that could. [Read more...]


Nanotechnology: You know it’s a mystery when not even Brits understand it But who can blame them? It’s all so durned small! [Read more...]


Black and Catholic… Like Augustine [Read more...]


This just in… Not all bishops are spineless Several days after Bishop John H. Ricard of Pensacola-Tallahassee, Fla., warned that the Darfur region of western Sudan faces a “humanitarian catastrophe” unless militia attacks are stopped and massive international aid is brought in, the Sudanese government allowed Catholic Relief Services to send its first aid representative [Read More...]


Welcome to Beautiful Milwaukee! An unbeatable city. O dear brethren in Christ, let us pray this boy and his family. Also, remember to pray for CAEI’s Jospehine and her family. [Read more...]


Filipino Spine Alert! Sort of. [Read more...]


All we need now… is a reenactment of the brutal Sumner-Brooks affair. [Read more...]


Really Old Man Kicks Record’s Scrawny Ass – and Lives to Tell About It! It’s gotta be the shoes. Air Geriatric! Now with Depenz Pump Boost! (And, errm, Quick Release Valve.) [Read more...]