Another Enemy of Free Speech Heard From Rich Paules writes: Hey Marky-poo, Just so you know, I thought your Italy / anti-Muslim crack finally crossed a line. Please see the text of an email I’ve sent to Verizon. I also sent one to Paypal. Since I do business with both of them, I may have [Read More...]

Major Skepticism Alert Sorry, but I think I’ll save my money for the Brooklyn Bridge. [Read more...]

From our “Failure to Grasp the Concept” Dept. [Read more...]

Umbrage is being taken at my complaint that the Forward is trying to tell bishops what they can and cannot teach their flock about abortion and who they can and cannot give communion to. The gist of the umbrage is, “It’s a free country. Jews can speak their mind if they want about the Catholic [Read More...]

A request from a brave young Dominican Fr. Steve Maekawa, OP, is serving in Afghanistan. He was our Newman Center guy at the University of Washington before he was called up. He writes: I’m writing in regards to a conversation we had last winter about RCIA and books for people to read on the basics [Read More...]

Remember: The Evil Party Candidate Has *Repeatedly* Voted to Make Sure this Barbarity is Preserved as a “Fundamental Human Right” [Read more...]

Cool Terra Grass Armchairs I think they manufacture these in Lothlorien. [Read more...]

From our “Sin Makes You Stupid” File I’m doing a study of Exodus right now and I can’t help but notice the strange parallel between the stupid ways Pharaoh acts due to his sin-hardened heart and the stupid way in which the author of this book can look *right at* the problem, see clearly what [Read More...]

Usual Suspects Demand Same Old Stuff The poor folks in Cincinnatti. As a word of encouragement: We went through all this stuff in th 80s here in Seattle. It does eventually die of boredom. Happier times are ahead. [Read more...]

The Counter-Attack on Abp. Burke Begins Fr. Rob is on the case. [Read more...]