APA rejects move to normalize pedophilia… …for now. You think the first attempt to normalize homosexual practice was successful? You think they people pushing for it gave up after one failure? You wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge? [Read more...]


More on 19th Century Thinking As the story below makes clear, many Catholics are also still stuck in the 19th and early 20th Century in assuming that the structures erected then are still doing the job for which they were erected. They aren’t. With the exception of a *very* few schools, most Catholics college are, [Read More...]


Trading our Birthright for a Pot of Message John Dunlap on AmChurch Academe’s teenage demand for childhood privileges and adult rights. 35 years ago, the American Church said, “Gimme the keys to the car, old man! And stop telling me what to do!” It started sneaking out of the house at night, growing sullen and [Read More...]


Villain Supply.com: Your Online Source for Everything Evil [Read more...]


Speaking of which… One of the saddest omissions from the Protestant canon of Scripture since the Reformation was the loss of the book of Wisdom. Full of… well… wisdom it was a big influence on New Testament and patristic thought and was the source of one of the most remarkably prophetic passage in the Old [Read More...]


The Nightingale Alliance… still busy opposing assisted suicide and euthanasia. And God help them in the fight. Attn: short-sighted Boomers. Support euthanasia today, and your kids will be happy to avail themselves of it tomorrow when you get too old to change the Beatles CD yourself. You can’t say Roe v. Wade hasn’t taught anything [Read More...]


If you enjoy things Medieval Check out this site devoted to the medieval Corpus Christi play. [Read more...]


Wow! Thanks! I’m really grateful to all you folks who answered my bleat about financial support for Catholic apostolates yesterday! You guys not only responded with moolah but with some rather sensible ideas for doing a quarterly pledge drive and so forth. This seems to me to be an organized way of approaching the problem, [Read More...]


Sexual derangement gasps of horror from the NY Times when it involves Catholics affable bemusement and a tone of “life’s colorful pageant” when it doesn’t. I sometimes wonder if the editorial staff of these papers thinks it’s frickin’ hilarious that Catholics are so upset by their immoral clergy and are waiting for the day when [Read More...]


Think “Canadian”. Now think “Anglican” The words “kick ass” probably didn’t spring to mind did they? Well, you’re wrong. [Read more...]


Bullying Semi-Catholic Gasbag Upset by Free Speech [Read more...]


Serious Catholics are Still Stuck in the 19th Century When it Comes to Paying for Ministry Somebody writes me and tells me I should be a full-time writer. Here’s the problem: I am. It’s just that I’m paid part time because Catholic Exchange, being a lay Catholic ministry supported exclusively by “serious Catholics” is, of [Read More...]