Show me a culture that despises quiet solitude… and I’ll show you a culture that builds freakin tallking tombstones! A wee bit much, dontcha think? Do we really want Uncle Sal — you know, the one with the same bad jokes he tells every Christmas — to keep talking. Honestly, these things are probably loud [Read More...]

The War on Terror is Bigger than the USA The Philippine president has barred further workers from traveling to Iraq after Arabic news network Al-Jazeera reported a militant group’s claim to have kidnapped a Filipino man. [Read more...]

Florida, my home, Mickey’s home, the Sunshine State! Florida teens charged with hate crime On the bright side, maybe these chaps were clever enough to film their sin and make a few bucks selling it on the Internet. You know it’d sell just as well as any porn, rape, death, prison-riot, animal abuse or street-fight [Read More...]

There’s gold in them hills… “>Dawn Eden pats Rome on the back and asks why Catholics are taking the bullet for Christian morality when it’s aimed at all Christians. [Read more...]

Have a sniff… A handy, if not somewhat tacky and conspiracist, webpage about George Orwell by “an independent researcher.” Note to would-be independent researchers: Don’t begin your bio like this, “Firstly and foremostly I would describe myself as a self-educated woman.” But if you do, be sure to continue with, “Secondly and less mostly, I [Read More...]

Pete Vere Reports from the Front THE CATHOLIC FAITHFUL VS. JOHN KERRY Message from Pete Vere Spoke with Marc earlier today concerning his petition to have Kerry Tried for heresy before an ecclesiastical tribunal. Please keep him in prayer as he’s suffering a tremendous amount of persecution. [Read more...]

Science Questioning the Efficacy of Condoms Condoms Condoms in Halting HIV/AIDS Last year Kenya’s health minister, Charity Ngilu, praised the Church for its role in fighting HIV and AIDS, the Catholic Information Service for Africa reported Aug. 17. Ngilu commended the Catholic Church for its focus in three key areas: prevention through awareness-raising and promotion [Read More...]

Fuzzy, very fuzzy… I posted a link about the fruits of Vatican 2 in Catholic-Jewish relations, but confused some people with my sublime mastery of sarcasm. To be clear, Mark is right: I think Catholic-Jewish relations are “ducky.” Yes, I was taking a dig at the V2 naysayers and Lidless Eye folk in general (who, [Read More...]

Speaking of negative images of women… Zenit Reports Ideas Have Consequences Efforts to protect children from Internet pornography received a setback with Tuesday’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. By a 5-4 vote, the court kept in place a federal district court decision blocking the enforcement of the Child Online Protection Act, . . . [Read More...]

Bishops with spines of jello [CAUTION! This link came from a reader via the Lord of Old Regime himself! Goldstein lives! Ungood! Doubleplusungood!] [Read more...]