“‘Corpus Christi’ is tiresome, obnoxious” One Catholic doesn’t sit still and take it while Der Sturmer dishes out the gay fascist alliance agitprop. (Scroll down) [Read more...]


If it’s in the Boston Globe, it must be true! “Find a well-run blog focusing on, say, Catholicism (see markshea.blogspot.com), and follow the links to become an instant theologian.” [Read more...]


“Choice” Fascism Bears more fruit “You vill kill ze sick und ze useless eaters! Schnell!” Catholic Belgian doctors ordered. Sure glad Hitler lost the war. Why, if we good guys weren’t in charge, things would be going… well, pretty much as they are. But still, we’re the good guys. “Catholic” Belgium. Feh! Check out this [Read More...]


Thought for the day “God’s wrath, throughout history, basically means giving us what we want.” – Scott Hahn An unsolicited testamonial to my point about the laity’s complicitness in the Situation, spoken over a decade ago on a tape about the epistle to the Hebrews. [Read more...]


What I Think of When I Think of Liturgical Dance… Fr Ali (right) uses the modified orans position for liturgical prayer while Sr. O’mus processes toward the altar at his side in an enactment of the rite of “I’m the Butterfly of Resurrection and I Run the Liturgy Committee, Buster!”. [Read more...]


Gay Canadian Fascist Brownshirts on the March Brave Rebel Alliance Resists [Read more...]


Neumayr on Cardinal Godfather If I could have five minutes with the good Cardinal, my only question would be, “Do you not fear God?” [Read more...]


The Sexualization of Everything The excellent Peter Sean Bradley writes concerning this blog: I happen to know empirically that your correspondent is absolutely correct. As an attorney who practices plaintiff’s employment law, I have seen a strange sociological transformation over the last decade. Originally, sexual harassment law was conventionally understood as male on female. A [Read More...]


Episcopal Vertebrate Sighting! Good news! Write Archbishop Flynn and heap warm fuzzies on him. Good bishops need our support even more than bad bishops need our hollers. [Read more...]


Romans 12, Liturgical Dance and the Collision between Liturgy and the Theology of the Laity First things first. I think liturgical dance is a Bad Idea for the basic reasons given by some of my commenters: it’s not part of American culture, it will mostly be ridiculous, it distracts from, rather than adds, to the [Read More...]


A reader asks How are these churches able to get away with liturgical dance when, in fact, it has been banned by the USCCB? It’s like this: when a bishop has protected child rapists, he can, in time, find himself giving in to Dignity Masses. As his weakness is compounded, it can lead to permitting [Read More...]


Physics and Metaphysics Carrie Tomko and I are having an argument about the Gaia Hypothesis. She insists it’s intrinsically a New Age religious belief. I think the garbage metaphysics are separable from the basic schema. The basic schema of the Gaia Hypothesis is that the earth is a giant system of interacting biosystems (and non-living [Read More...]