Physics and Metaphysics Carrie Tomko and I are having an argument about the Gaia Hypothesis. She insists it’s intrinsically a New Age religious belief. I think the garbage metaphysics are separable from the basic schema. The basic schema of the Gaia Hypothesis is that the earth is a giant system of interacting biosystems (and non-living [Read More...]

Apparently the bishops are going to look at liturgical dance I’m seeing a fair amount of buzz about this in the blogosphere and somebody wrote asking my opinion. Basically, I don’t have one. I don’t know what the bishops are going to be looking at, much less their agenda. I know Rome says there shouldn’t [Read More...]

Animated Holy Cards from Victor Lams [Read more...]

USA Gain could be NYC’s loss A reader sez: Clinton for Mayor of NYC is being reported on radio stations in NYC. They predict he will run against Bloomberg in 2005 and I think he’ll win (sadly). I thought this may be of interest. There’s one born every minute, I guess. [Read more...]

I believe we are starting to see a little trend in the press develop A couple of days ago the APA announces it’s rethinking this. Today we get another cloud no bigger than a man’s hand: “Pedophiles seek societal acceptance” From my April 29 2002 blog: “And, When People Keep Connecting the Dots The final [Read More...]

Fr. Rob “Rocket Man” Johansen’s Critique of American Seminaries is now online at Crisis [Read more...]

Cdl. Mahony sez, “I was just kidding when I said I was serious about clerical abuse” The coast is clear, Cardinal. The PR scheme worked. You can get back to business as usual. Your flock won’t mind so long as you don’t challenge them with the Faith. Perhaps you should get back to the real [Read More...]

A reader writes: one of the great losses I see from the current wars about homosexuality and their apparent results is that no area of society will be left unsexualized. That is, there will finally be no place, no gathering of men or women or children where the tension of potential sexual activity can be [Read More...]

Bunk! A reader asks what I think of this Commonweal article. It’s bunk on the face of it. Fidelity is *not* the answer to the Church’s ills? Faithfulness to the gospel of Christ is *not* the remedy for sin? Yes, yes, the structural issues will have to be dealt with. But the piece reminds me [Read More...]

Thanks for your gifts to us, Mr. Peck You’ll be missed–sorely. May God grant you eternal rest through Jesus Christ. [Read more...]

New blog! [Read more...]

Ooooooo-kay. News of the Weird. [Read more...]