A Brief History of the West in Slogans Antiquity: Veni! Vidi! Vici! Antiquity to Renaissance period: Father! Son! Holy Spirit! Renaissance and Reformation: Sola Gratia! Sola Scriptura! Sola Fide! American Revolution: Life! Liberty! Pursuit of Happiness! French Revolution: Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite! Russian Revolution: Peace! Bread! Land! Nazi Germany: Ein Reich! Ein Volk! Ein Fuehrer! Baby [Read More...]


Lord of the Peeps [Read more...]


David Heddle Answered my Question I asked, “Does God love me?” and David replied (very warmly and generously, as is his custom), “I believe He does, for I sense you love Him, an if He didn’t quicken you (Eph 2) you wouldn’t love Him.” That’s happy news, and I certainly *hope* I love God (though [Read More...]


Speaking of Calvinism A reader writes: I’m Reformed in my theology, but I have a friend that is thinking about joining the R.C. church. My friend denies some of your doctrines though (Office of Pope, Immaculate Conception of Mary, and Purgatory). I am under the impression (please correct me if I’m wrong) that he has [Read More...]


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Great Artistes Shouldn’t Stand for Mockery by the Lower Orders [Read more...]


Old News to Us Sheas A reader sez: Let me emphasize that I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. The Williams-Sonoma catalog that arrived today listed a product called “Lavender Shea Butter” made from the Senegalese shea plant, used as a hand cream and less that $5 per ounce! But of course! We Sheas have known [Read More...]


Speaking of Violent Culture Kopp gets the book thrown at him. Good. [Read more...]


Cooling off after yesterday’s gun fracas Several points to make: 1. I don’t regard all or even most gun enthusiasts as nuts or freaks. My remarks were limited to those who regard *any* attempt whatsoever to limit accessibility to any sort of weapon whatsoever, no matter how lethal, as leading straight to Nazi Germany and [Read More...]


The Reason I Was Never Able to Warm to Calvinism (summed up in verse) A Hymn For The Reformed Child (Sung to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.” Sing it out loud–it is even funnier that way). 1. Jesus loves me, this I think, If I’m wrong, to hell I’ll sink, Little ones to Him [Read More...]


Don’t tell me. He was kinda quiet, kept to himself. And his neighbors are shocked and never imagined he’d do something like this. Meanwhile, gun rights advocates are saying, “Hey! Owning a machine gun can be both fun and beneficial! And who says that just because a weapon is designed for nothing besides the mass [Read More...]