Least Competent Criminals [Read more...]


My Visual Media Recommendations Just updated ‘em. Check ‘em out. Buy a bunch of them! I get a few cents on the purchase, which will enable me to get The Two Towers DVD when it comes out. [Read more...]


He Must Have *Really* Loved Juanita Broadderick What an amazingly incestuous bunch of slimeballs. And Morris doesn’t impress me for going back to work for the Big He. I hope his new Catholic faith is making a dent and not just affirming him in his okayness. There’s something demonic about the Clintons hold over people. [Read More...]


All of the Above A reader asks: Question: who looks more absurd here – the Lutheran priest who doesn’t believe in God; the female bishop who wants to fire him but can’t; the government that is so secular it employs all the priests, including the atheistic ones; or the theology professor who thinks it’s refreshing [Read More...]


Bp. Kelly of Louisville: The People’s Choice Some background on good Bp. Kelly is here. Resisting the impulse to dub him the “Louisville Sluggard” for his spectacularly negligent and costly oversight of his diocese, I wish to enlist none other than Rod Dreher, with whom I have had a long and friendly disagreement, concerning the [Read More...]


Science! Researchers have identified a pattern in the molestation crisis afflicting the Roman Catholic Church: most of the victims are older boys. In other news, scientists have noticed a definite alternating light/dark pattern in the rhythm of day and night. Noting this trend [!], some high-ranking Catholics have concluded that many abusive clergy are gay, [Read More...]


Sure hope this doesn’t suck The guy playing “Luther” looks awfully dewy and ‘N Syncish. He should be beefier, like Kenneth Branagh. I hope it’s a human portrayal, neither hagiography nor demonization. A fascinating, tragic, courageous, hateful, brilliant, deeply disturbed, intensely pious, tender, sentimental, sensitive, brutal, and (near the end of his life) quasi-deranged man. [Read More...]


Horrid Red Things, Vitamin Theories, and Intelligent Design A reader gripes: [N]on-disprovable philosophies … such as “Intelligent design” only serve to make Christians look ignorant. I assure you that if the Catholic Church maintained such nonsense as articles of faith, no scientist with personal integrity could be Catholic. It would appear to me that the [Read More...]


Dave Pawlak Asks a Question [Read more...]


Feds Create Special Department to Ban Death and Repeal the Second Law of Thermodynamics or at any rate, they might as well do it, since they’ve created a department which promises to achieve the quixotic goal of making sure “we never become complacent again”. Someone in the Homeland Security Department needs to learn the meaning [Read More...]


Pulitzer Takes Prompt Action Toward NY Times Journalist’s Fraud and Lies Jayson Blair was a piker compared to Walter Duranty and his apologias for Stalinist mass murder. The New York Times: The Journal with a Record [Read more...]


Another step toward defending the culture of sexual depravity Toldja so. Show me a culture the despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that despises children. In a few decades, the Church will be condemned for opposing what evil clergy are now condemned for doing. It’s almost inevitable. If any form of sexual license [Read More...]