Article Like This Make Me Wonder How Orthodoxy Will Weather the Collision with Modernity [Read more...]

Another reader unhappy with NOR’s bomb-throwing That said, I am told by a number of readers that the most recent piece on Hahn was not like their previous moronic hit piece. Since I’ve not read it for several years, I’m willing to believe I was too hard on them. However, I would also add that [Read More...]

Lowry is more consistent than many who have argued for the Iraq War So I give him that. [Read more...]

Religious Persecution Rife in India Fortunately, it’s just Christians who are victims, so it doesn’t matter. And besides, most of them are Catholics, so they were probably asking for it. [Read more...]

David – 1, Goliath – 0 I bet this has some heads being scratched at the Pentagon. [Read more...]

Africa: It’s not like here [Read more...]

An Inspiring Priest Story (for a change) Send us a million more like him, please, Heavenly Father. And thanks for calling him. [Read more...]

A reader writes: First, thank you for maintaining an excellent blog. I think it’s important to keep the Catholic perspective in any of our political discourse (where it’s so often lacking), and as such, I wanted to pose this difficulty that I’m having with being Catholic and wanting to participate in the political discussions of [Read More...]

Busy for the rest of the day While I’m out contemplate the question: “If God is omnipotent, can he make a rock so big that he can’t lift it?” [Read more...]

Taxachusetts Stupid Party Former Gov is Proud and Happy About Gay Marriage [Read more...]