72%-73% of flock don’t think McCormack should be their bishop Talk about burying the lede. This article has a bunch of blah blah about McCormack’s latest attempts to do whatever bureaucratic eunuchs do to make everybody feel included in some inane “process”. But the real hard spike of incontrovertible fact is there at the end. [Read More...]


Not for the Sake of the Kingdom Fr. Wilson on the episcopal eunuchs who brought you the Long Lent of 2002. [Read more...]


Hey! HMS Blog Gets Results! Over at Heart Mind and Strength Blog, the husband of Gov. Jennifer “Jesus Kills the Little Children” Granholm, ardent pro-abort and pretend Catholic, pays a visit and is not amused. HMS Blog: Speaking truth to power. [Read more...]


Oh, and for all you people on the Eastern seaboard… …it’s sunny and mild here in Seattle. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! [Read more...]


A reader writes: I urge you to consider carefully these two press releases from Communion and Liberation (available at www.clonline.org). They help us to understand that the Pope is motivated not by a naive pacifism, nor a dispassionate academic just-war analysis, but by a profoundly Christian sense of hope. THE POPE’S WAR Milan, 16th January [Read More...]


Uh-oh [Read more...]


An Iraqi Physician Supports the War [Read more...]


Another amazing find in my email box this AM The Ballad of Petey the Parrot: An Uplifting Poem for Children Petey the Parrot served twenty-one months Of a rap for indecent exposure. His Bishop paroled him and give him a perch On his pear-wood episcopal crosier. He scolded the skeptics who labelled the bird Unsuited [Read More...]


Fascinating Reminds me of Lewis’ account of a pastor he knew who once saw Hitler in the flesh. Someone asked, “What did he look like?” The pastor replied, “He looked as all men do: like Jesus.” What marks the woman in the story off from Singer is that she can see humanity in a monster [Read More...]


What? We funded a trip to a pro-abortion rally? Golly! How did that happen? Looks like backpedaling to keep the dumb alums in the dark. [Read more...]


John Zmirak Answers Christopher Hitchens’ Charges [Read more...]


Rockville Centre Covers Itself in Glory [Read more...]