I’m not alone On Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor,” a Catholic professor surmised that the Vatican wanted O’Brien to clean up his own “mess.” Note that saying, “I think this is what Rome is trying to do.” is neither an endorsement nor a condemnation of the policy. It is merely (as I have been trying to say [Read More...]


Rainbow Brownshirts Set to Blaspheme More Masses Poor timing when the headlines are dominated with predatory gay priests and the boys they like to inflict diversity training on in the sacristy. Gee, unbridled homosexuality has been such a blessing to the Church. Let’s have more of it! [Read more...]


Andrew Sullivan Pumps his Fist in the Air The blogosphere feels its oats. [Read more...]


At last, something American Conservatives Can Find to Like About Saudi Arabia I remember many an admiring remark in past years from American Conservatives about how low the crime rate is there because they do this stuff swiftly and efficiently. [Read more...]


I don’t think this is what Danny Kaye had in mind when I did all that Trick or Treat for UNICEF stuff as a child New York, Jun. 05 (C-fam.org/CWNews.com) – On Tuesday, a high-ranking UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) official called for the legalization of prostitution and for UNICEF to make condoms available “for everybody, [Read More...]


Vinnie and the Burglar A friend of mine knew a guy named Vinnie when he lived in New York. One day, he overheard Vinnie say to his roomate on the phone, “Don’t forget to feed the burglar.” When he inquired of Vinnie what those mysterious words might mean, he was informed that Vinnie and his [Read More...]


Clinton in a Mitre [Read more...]


Proposition (with a tip of the hat to Disputations): “The fully human person is divine.” If you don’t find that shocking, you aren’t awake. If you find it repugnant, you aren’t a Bible-believin’ Christian. Discuss, class. [Read more...]


And now there will never be PC bias at the Times again A couple of resignations and the systemic problem is totally fixed. [Read more...]


The blog below does not, contra some people’s opinions, mean I’ve “joined the antiwar crowd” It merely means that I object to woolly thinking, of which the antiwar crowd has plenty as well. Just yesterday, somebody sent me a note saying that Christians were being roughed up by Muslims in Iraq, so how could I [Read More...]


Al, the Esoteric Comments Box Writer, Makes a Good Point The latest strategic rhetorical maneuver from war supporters embarrassed by the lack of WMDs is to say, “So, shall we put Saddam back in power?” Nobody’s advocating that, of course, but this desperate attempt at diversion from the subject points to a rather problematic fact [Read More...]


In the interest of interblog dialogue I’ll answer conclusively: It’s just you, Robert. I’m the pert and perky effervescent Sparkle Guy I always was. You’re just getting old and grumpy. [Read more...]