More good news! A bishop refuses to be part of the Democratic Party at prayer. [Read more...]

Kevin Miller has some interesting thoughts on the relations between the “particular Church” (i.e. the diocese or eparchy) and the Universal Church For those of you struggling with ecclesiology questions, this is a useful contribution. [Read more...]

Speaking of cultural phenoms Two reviews of the Matrix. [Read more...]

Hidden Key to Harry Potter Reviewed in the Journal of Religion and Public Life Hidden Key author John Granger sends along the following response to the review: Dear Paul Bube, Thank you for the thoughtful and generous review of The Hidden Key to Harry Potter in ‘The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture’. It is [Read More...]

Famine: Not Trendy This Year [Read more...]

Hate: (pronunciation: hayt). v. to not give an award; n. the state of not giving an award To use “hate” in a sentence: “Not giving me an award is not a family value!” St. Joan of Arc parish: Museum of Trendiness [Read more...]

Pretty Scarce again today Gotta crank out another bible study and then tomorrow we’re off to glorious Lopez Island for our annual Shea Memorial Day Campout! Whatever you’re doing this weekend won’t be as fun! To those whom I am abandoning in mid-argument: hold that thought! Particularly on the “leaving the Church” question. No time [Read More...]

A reader writes: There has been much talk about an impending “general indult” allowing priests worldwide to celebrate the Tridentine Mass. I’ve participated in said Masses about two dozen times in my life and find them to be profound and inspiring. My parish is a Novus Ordo parish, very faithful to the GIRM, and I [Read More...]

Yay! Another Homeschool Kid Beats the Pants Off Public School Kids! As the father of homeschooled kids, allow me to mention that Jesus was homeschooled. [Read more...]

Weirdos from another planet That’s Calvin’s summation of the critters he meets when he sails to Mars in a cardboard box with Hobbes. “We’re normal Earthlings. They’re weirdos from another planet!” NY Times reporters have similar reactions to people who disagree with them. What’s especially fun about New York liberalism is its sheer provincial inability [Read More...]

Lane Core Demonstrates the Truth of the Old Adage “Scratch an Atheist–even one as sophisticated and intelligent as Christopher Hitchens–find a Fundamentalist” A quick web search would have revealed that vernacular translations (such as these Old English texts) preceded, and were approved by, the Catholic Church centuries before the King James Version. What the Church [Read More...]

Don’t Mess Wid Da Monk! [Read more...]