Read it here on May 8 Read it on on May 13: The Larger Question: The editor-in-chief of the New York Times, one Howell Raines, now famously has said that no paper can protect itself against a liar. This would indicate that the filters, checks and balances that Big Media spoke so high-mindedly about [Read More...]

“We’ve got to say how peaceful they are, or they’ll kill us” Both Evangelical missionaries in Islamic lands and the Vatican tend to take the same tack toward Foaming Bronze Age Fanatics: try not to piss them off unnecessarily since they tend to kill innocent people with little provocation. Plump, comfortable suburban people with absolutely [Read More...]

Madonna Gets Religion I certainly hope Madonna internalizes something besides the worship of Madonna from this latest fad in the ever-changing kaleidoscope of new identities and personas. It would be a step, however meager, from her almost total self-absorption if she did. But one gets the impression that this is simply the latest fashion accessory, [Read More...]

“That’s FRONKenstein, not Frankenstein!” [Read more...]

A reader asks I wonder if you could help me. I am presently preparing a talk on the theological virtue of hope for young people. I have read widely and listened to talks on this virtue in preparation for this talk, and I am confused! From my reading of the writings of people from Cardinal [Read More...]

A reader writes… I would love to see some input about guardian angels, angels, or demons. I just finished reading Angels by Peter Kreeft and am fascinated by it. I would enjoy input by some of the people who read your blog. I believe in both angels and devils (including guardian angels). Angels have fallen [Read More...]

Fr. Rob Johansen on the Ecclesiastical Potemkin Village Yeah, the Church is a mess. Pretty much always has been. It was because the Church was all screwed up that the New Testament had to be written (“Don’t worship angels! Don’t sleep with your stepmother! Stop getting drunk at Mass!”) and it was because it was [Read More...]

I swear, I don’t write my blogs to coincide with new items like this I didn’t know about this when I wrote my Tom Clancy blogs. [Read more...]

Verus Ratio is now Recta Ratio [Read more...]

0.0000004% of Boston Catholics Want “Change” Wow. There’s a shocking poll result. In related news, many Americans polled believe water to be wet. [Read more...]

A fellow Seattleite writes… Can’t… Resist… Pointing out… Trivial… Problem… If our terrorist friends create a block at the South end of the bridge in the south-bound lanes, then the police could still approach the problem in cars by going up the Ravenna ramp in the wrong direction. Nyah. (This effects your argument not at [Read More...]

More Baby Boomer Wisdom from Richard McBrien The premier theologian for the Most Narcissistic Generation in the History of the World explains why the Rising Generation is almost as stupid as his parent’s generation. History, you see, begins and ends with Baby Boomers. Their parents were fools and their children are ungrateful to them for [Read More...]