Korea is Protecting its People A rather maternal action by the South Korean state make it impossible for Koreans to read this blog entry. [Read more...]


More Rumblings about the Sudan This time from Powell. [Read more...]


Many of my readers may remember Afghanistan That campaign seems to have complete disappeared from the headlines. [Read more...]


A bloody mess in Dallas/Ft. Worth Yesterday, the DMN ran this story. Today Fr. Allan Hawkins drafts this for the parish: From Fr Hawkins to the people of St Mary the Virgin No doubt you will have seen the story which appeared today in the Dallas Morning News, and perhaps elsewhere in the media. I [Read More...]


CAEI Reader Eric Johnson Immortalized in Day By Day Cartoon Way to go, Eric! [Read more...]


Dawn Eden’s Encounter with Evil James Watson: Nobel Prize winner. Significant cultural and scientific influence. And profoundly evil man. God help him. [Read more...]


The Awesome Power of Mercy and Forgiveness Hell is powerless against love like this. [Read more...]


I suspect I’m setting myself up for a lot of hurtful comments in the comments boxes But I thought I’d blog this anyway, because the reader seems to me to be thoughtful and charitable and I actually agree with much of what he has to say about the snarkiness that has crept into my tone. [Read More...]


A reader responds… to this blog entry and writes: I am a Christian, attending a protestent church, but striving to grow in discipleship. Over the years, and with the help of your blog site and Touchstone, I’ve come to appreciate that many Roman Catholics love the Lord just as much, if not more, than I [Read More...]


The Al Gore Effect Eric Johnson writes: Since Iraq is a perennial topic on your blog, you might be interested in this, since many of the questions you raise are matters of facts, and those facts are all filtered through the news media. I wrote an article about Rajiv Chandrasekaran, the Washington Post’s Baghdad bureau [Read More...]